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YouTube videos on PS5 will soon be much better

It’s the most widely used video player in the world, but the YouTube app on PS5 has lagged behind the competition when it comes to how it has presented its catalog of videos. That has all changed today, with the console version of YouTube finally supporting HDR video.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) boosts contrast and color gamut on the best PS5 games, Netflix videos, and other video services, and it will finally do the same on YouTube as well.

Video format is increasingly becoming the norm when paired with 4K resolution, but requires a compatible TV to enjoy it.

Highly desirable range

While many YouTube videos are still presented in SDR format, the number of content creators adopting HDR (as well as the number of mobile recording devices supporting it) means that you will no longer see HDR content landing on it. the video platform in the coming months and years.

According to HD flat panels, the update is expected to be live on consoles, bringing parity to the older PS4 Pro console – not to mention the competition Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S from Microsoft.

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