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YouTube videos of NYC subway shooting suspect paint a disturbing picture

The Wisconsin-bound man accused of shooting at least 10 people on a Brooklyn subway has a huge presence on social media with dozens of hateful videos.

Frank James, 62, was arrested Wednesday in connection with the Brooklyn subway shooting. He has ties to Wisconsin; his Facebook account shows he had been in Milwaukee for at least 2019. However, it is his YouTube activity that raises the most questions.

James has posted videos to multiple YouTube accounts, he says, over the past 10 years. He says in several videos that his accounts are often deleted by YouTube because of the content. As of Wednesday morning, his most recent account, Prophet of Truth88, was deleted. However, before he was taken down, the I-Team went through several videos that detailed his animosity towards the company.

The manifesto-style videos, often around half an hour long, quickly turn into rambling, hate-filled streams of consciousness where he spits out vitriolic statements about race mixing, misogynistic and bigoted remarks and aggressive comments about African Americans.


We also learned from James, he has worked at InstaCart and Hertz in the past and has been on disability since 2007. According to James, he gets around $2,300 a month. On March 20, James detailed his trip from Milwaukee to Philadelphia, saying his ultimate destination was New York.

“I’m going back into the danger zone, so to speak,” James said. “That of course triggers a lot of negative thoughts. I have a severe case of post-traumatic stress due to [expletive] I have lived through the years.

In an older video, he talks about the New York City Police Department’s ability to patrol the subway.

“Those who are going to commit crimes, like shooting,” James said. “A [expletive] was shot in the chest in Brooklyn. An old lady was hit on the head with a hammer. You can’t stop this. We need police at each station and that is not possible.

James is accused of shooting at least 10 people in a Brooklyn subway on April 12.

He also expresses murderous sentiments in other videos, blaming African American women and men for childbearing in untenable situations.

“I saw a side of human beings, they need to die,” James said. “They need to suffer and let go [expletive] dead. If they were good people, we wouldn’t be going through this. Call it Karma. It’s about to happen in a way that I wouldn’t wish for the worst, which it really is about to happen.

James also draws a parallel between his own thoughts and Nazi ideations.

“I can’t imagine, in my wildest dreams, my most hateful moment, what’s really going to happen to you [expletives]. You deserve every moment. You can say, why do I deserve this? You do. You do. You shouldn’t exist. There should be no Puerto Ricans. There should be nothing like African American. There shouldn’t be such a thing. You exist because of crimes against nature and humanity.

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