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YouTube videos follow Chellsie Memmel’s training for her comeback

Next time you want to feel good in the world, click to Chellsie Memmel’s YouTube page, where she documents her return to gymnastics. At 32, she is a mother of two who competed in the 2008 Olympics, retired in 2012, and realized last year that her body had not shriveled and rotted in a way that prevents launching into the air at high speed.

His videos follow his comeback, like this documenting week 16, and his first full beam routine. They are so much fun to watch! Unlike watching international gymnastics competitions, where you have to ignore the nascent suspicion that some underage girls on screen are victims of athletic abuse that they won’t fully understand until their 30s, Memmel’s videos are pure joy. She jokes with her father, who is also her trainer, and clearly not in charge. She chats with just about everyone in the gym. Sometimes she toddlers also train. And she throws her body in rotations from the arches, the floor, and a four-foot-wide balance beam, several dozen times a day.

You could call it fully consensus gymnastics.

Consent is increasingly present in gymnastics, which has been troubled by years of allegations of abuse. Last week, the German women’s gymnastics team presented their plans to abandon leotards in favor of leotards, to stop the sexualization Sport. Everyone has an opinion on this. You will notice that Memmel always wears pants.

This week The New York Times wrote about his return. She is internationally competitive despite being overlooked for a place on the Olympic team. (America is by far the most competitive pool in the world, where parts of the US Olympic Trials may be more competitive than the Olympics.) Although if we all watch it now, the announcers probably are too: the race of Memmel will certainly be lucrative. . We are going to watch.

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