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YouTube videos document suspect’s movements before Ryan Rogers’ death

On the morning of November 16, Ryan Rogers, 14, was found dead, with multiple stab wounds to the head and face, along Central Blvd near an overpass on I-95. Police said Rogers, a football player from Dwyer High School, was last seen leaving his home the day before on his bike.

CHRONOLOGY: Suspected killer of murdered teenager Ryan Rogers arrested

The Palm Beach Gardens Police Department now says Rogers was murdered by Semmie Williams, a 39-year-old vagrant who mostly spends his time in Miami. Investigators confirmed to CBS 12 News that Williams had a YouTube channel that documented his trip from Miami to Palm Beach County on November 15, hours before authorities said he stabbed Rogers to death.

Williams, who in videos appears to suffer from paranoid tendencies, has extensively recorded his life, uploading dozens of videos to a YouTube channel. In almost every video on the page, Williams accuses someone of stalking him, claiming that police officers and private citizens are conspiring to “terrorize” his life.

Police confirmed that the videos viewed by CBS12 News belonged to Williams, but did not say if they were a factor in their investigation.

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One of the first videos from November 15 shows Williams boarding a Tri-Rail in what appears to be Miami. Later video shows him outside a Publix along Gateway Boulevard in Boynton Beach, a few blocks from a Tri-Rail station.

In the video, Williams holds the phone facing outward and continues his rant, claiming that he feels his safety is in danger because of people harassing him.

“They keep following me,” he said at one point.

Subsequent videos, also uploaded on November 15, show Williams further north in what appears to be Mangonia Park, standing in the parking lot of a shopping mall near another Tri-Rail station.

“They’re doing illegal follow-ups,” he said.

This video is his last video of the day Ryan Rogers went missing.

Police records allege Williams was seen by security camera later that evening, walking north on Central Blvd in Palm Beach Gardens. Authorities say he and Rogers likely passed each other along that street around 7:30 p.m., the same time Rogers’ cell phone position stopped moving.

Rogers was found dead the next morning.

Investigators say they found Williams because of DNA found on a pair of headphones left at the scene of Rogers’ death. YouTube videos from November 15 appear to show a silhouette of Williams, holding his phone as a camera, casting a shadow from the sun on the sidewalk below him. The person in the shadows appears to be wearing in-ear headphones.

Williams’ YouTube videos resumed on the morning of November 16. The first video shows the vagrant sitting on the lawn of an abandoned property in Mangonia Park. Here, his rants increase in frequency.

“They have chips implanted all over my body. They also read my mind through my ears,” Williams said, holding the camera away from his face.

CBS12 News showed the YouTube videos to Dr Raphi Wald, a phycologist. Dr Wald did not examine Williams personally, but said his conduct in the videos amounted to paranoid disorder.

“You don’t have to have a doctorate to realize you’re looking at someone with mental illness,” he added. “There is some implication of illusion because this is something that is not actually happening and there is paranoia.”

Dr Wald added that the vast majority of people with this type of mental illness are not violent. He said the only predictor of violence in this case is a previous record of violence.

Williams has been arrested multiple times, including an arrest in Georgia for aggravated assault in 2016 and an arrest in Seminole County for assault in 2005.

The day Ryan Rogers’ body was discovered – and the day after police said he crossed paths with Williams – YouTube videos show Williams brought the Tri-Rail back to Miami.

Eventually, he recorded himself sitting on a bench in a park. The sounds of the children playing can be heard in the background of the video, as the camera walks over to a faded green backpack resting on Williams’ lap. In this backpack, police say they later found a bloody bandana with the DNA of two people: Semmie Williams and Ryan Rogers.

Meanwhile, memorials to Ryan Rogers continue to appear in his Alton neighborhood in Palm Beach Gardens. Friends and family remember high school freshman Dwyer as an avid soccer player. A tribute video in an online obituary shows photos of Rogers living the life of a normal child, playing sports and laughing with friends.

A GoFundMe for the Rogers Family raised over $ 114,000, exceeding its goal of $ 50,000.