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YouTube ‘Short’ to enable creators to reuse audio from existing YouTube videos as part of global rollout

Youtube‘s TIC Tac clone, Shorts, is rolling out globally with a crucial new feature that will allow creators to sample and reuse audio from existing YouTube videos.

Shorts is now launching in UK, Canada and Latin America, The edge reports – including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela.

In March, YouTube first announced the possibility of repurposing the sounds of existing videos for Shorts – a key part of TikTok that allows the viral movement to flourish. (Users can also select a particular sound on TikTok and see all the videos that have been created using that track). That said, on YouTube, this ability will first stream worldwide before arriving in the United States in the coming weeks.

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Currently, creators can sample audio from other Shorts videos and extract songs from YouTube’s licensed music library, The edge Remarks.

In the future, however, users will be able to press a new “Create” button in the YouTube app – below Videos and next to the “Like” and “Dislike” buttons – in order to sample. an audio clip of the video above for their shorts. . At a time, The edge reports, Shorts viewers can tap the audio track in order to return to the YouTube video it was derived from, providing an incentive for creators as a potential traffic driver.

If creators don’t want their videos to be reused for short films – if their content contains sensitive moments, for example – they have to manually unsubscribe for each video in the upload settings, The edge reports. That said, amid backlash from creators, YouTube says it’s currently working on a mass unsubscribe option.

“There is some concern about examples of videos that you might think are personal or sensitive and that’s why the creators have requested the option to opt out,” Todd sherman, said YouTube Shorts product manager The edge. “But the creators also seem to recognize that [Shorts] somehow does not work if it is a very selective opt-in.

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