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You can no longer display “dislikes” count on YouTube videos. here’s why

NEW YORK: YouTube announced on Wednesday that the “dislike” click count on videos will no longer be visible to the public to protect creators from harassment and targeted attacks.

A public tally of likes – or dislikes – that social media posts rack up is routinely cited by critics as detrimental to well-being, and both Facebook and Instagram have allowed users to opt out.

Users of the Google-owned video sharing platform will still be able to click the “Dislike” button below a clip, but they will no longer see the number of negative reviews.

“To make sure YouTube promotes respectful interactions between viewers and creators … we tested the Dislike button to see whether or not any changes might help better protect our creators from harassment and reduce attacks. in disgust, “YouTube said in a statement.

“Our experience data has shown a reduction in aversion to attacking behavior.”

Content creators – the social media stars who draw crowds online – will be able to see the number of thumbs-down icons their clips elicit.

YouTube said smaller-scale creators or new creators have said they have been unfairly targeted in attacks, where people work to increase the number of dislikes on videos.

The changes to YouTube come as major social networks and video platforms are frequently accused by lawmakers, regulators and watchdogs of not doing enough to tackle online harassment.

Facebook is grappling with one of its most serious reputation crises in its history, sparked by leaks of internal documents showing executives were aware of the potential damage to their platforms.

The revelations about the leaks from former Facebook employee Frances Haugen have given new impetus to discussions about regulating big tech companies.

Concern over Facebook’s potential damage spilled over to other platforms with TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube trying to convince U.S. senators in a hearing last month that they were safe for their young users.