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Woman watches YouTube videos to abort herself after being raped

In a shocking incident, a woman in Nagpur performed an abortion using videos on YouTube and other platforms, according to media reports. The 24-year-old is believed to be a rape survivor, who is believed to have become pregnant as a result of the altercation.

The woman performed the abortion, including a ruptured umbilical cord, at her Nagpur residence while at home alone after her family left for Mumbai. She performed all the procedures on her own, guiding herself through YouTube videos uploaded online.

At seven months pregnant, she gave birth to a stillborn baby at home thanks to advice from YouTube videos. She also cut the umbilical cord with all the equipment she could find in her home after watching videos online, posing a risk of infection in her body.

Once the fetus was delivered, it was buried by the man who sexually assaulted her, who forced her to have an abortion. The man was also her lover and was married and had a son as he was having an affair with the victim.

The rape victim gave a statement to the police, in which she said that her lover had forced himself on her several times, probably more than 50 times, since 2016. When she got pregnant, he had her. forced to abort the child when he could not marry her because he was already married.

He then instructed the woman to perform her own abortion and follow the steps shown in a YouTube video on how to detach the fetus from the body by cutting the umbilical cord. The woman also used equipment from her kitchen and home to perform the abortion, risking her life.

The man’s name is Sohail Wahab Khan and he was arrested by police for rape after the victim’s family reported the incident to authorities. Police, in their statement, said the woman’s family believed Khan had abandoned her after making false promises.

Khan, despite having been married twice, decided to continue courting with the victim, promising to marry her within the past six years. The woman further stated that Khan had exploited and imposed herself on her several times in the past. She also said he had increased his drinks.

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