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Why did Trisha Paytas delete her YouTube videos? | New

CONTENT DISCLAIMER: This article refers to allegations of sexual assault and child sexual abuse

Trisha Paytas has just deleted over 1300 videos from her YouTube account, Initiated reports. According to data obtained by the social media analysis site, Social blade, Trisha Paytas’ deleted videos have racked up over a billion views in total.

On September 15, Trisha Paytas posted a video on her YouTube channel titled “Take care of everything”. In the video, they spoke of the mounting criticism they received after a YouTuber posted a video attempting to discredit the allegations they made.

Trisha Paytas makes allegations on “Frenemies” podcast

In a first episode of Enemies, a podcast that Trisha Paytas previously co-hosted with Ethan Klein, Paytas made serious allegations about a former school teacher.

They alleged that their sixth grade teacher sexually assaulted them and were later arrested for looking for child pornography at school. Paytas named the man, encouraging viewers to seek him out to prove his beliefs.

YouTuber tries to discredit Trisha Paytas’ claims

A YouTuber by the name of ‘Mysterious’ posted a video attempting to discredit Paytas’ claims. In the since-deleted video, the YouTuber claims the man named Paytas died in 2019 and there is no evidence he was ever arrested. Initiated conducted a separate search, and found no trace of the arrest of the man.

For unrelated reasons, Trisha Paytas has since left Enemies podcast in which the relationship between them and Ethan Klein deteriorated significantly.

More commentators have weighed in online, and a wave of video disclosures have tried to unravel many of Trisha’s claims.

Ethan Klein deletes the video in question, Trisha Paytas responds

On September 11, Ethan Klein said he would delete the video containing Paytas’ allegations. Klein said he would remove the video “due to the nature of these complaints against this particular teacher and the stress it is causing his family.”

This was Trisha’s response to those growing questions and criticisms mentioned in their “Take care of everything” video.

In the video, they apparently responded to the allegations, claiming that they had been “given inaccurate information” and “spoken badly” about the teacher in question. They also said they “don’t check the facts.”

Trisha would have made public many messages exchanged with Ethan Klein and Ethan’s wife, Hila Klein. They have since been deleted; but show Ethan and Hila questioning Trisha about separate allegations of sexual assault and misconduct made against Trisha’s partner, Moses Hacmon.

Charges of sexual assault against Hacmon were laid on a woman’s Instagram story in early September. He owns denied the allegations.

It’s hard to know for sure, but the growing criticism against Paytas and their partner, Hacmon, along with all the allegations surrounding them, is probably the reason Paytas has deleted so many of its YouTube videos; resulting in a loss of over a billion views on their channel.

Words by Dani Leever, writer and fan of gay pop culture. Find their words on @danileever or watch their gay drag DJ adventures at @djgaydad.

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