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WhichCar the five best YouTube videos of 2021

Where would we be without YouTube? Less distracted, probably.

YouTube is a hub of short clips of ’80s TV shows that you vaguely remember, American teens teaching the world how to play Minecraft and, of course, cat videos. But it’s also a treasure trove for automotive content, and with the world closed, we all felt even more desperate to get our auto repair this year.

Below is a small selection of some of the best videos coming out on the service this year, including some of our friends from wheels and MOTOR.

Smith and Sniff – Bond Car Bingo

Since a lot of people Which car are united by the same passion – cars, mainly – quite a few of us know each other as fans of the Smith and snort podcast, hosted by the former Fifth gear presenter, Jonny smith, and old Top Gear / The Grand Tour script editor and Sniff gasoline founder, Richard porter.

While the duo’s pod saw it grow into one of the UK’s most popular lifestyle programs, it started years ago as a weekly video series before becoming an experience. audio only.

Fans of obscure car facts and movies, the couple used the relaxed restrictions earlier this year and made a video en route to the premiere of the latest James Bond film, No time to die.

If you’ve got 47 minutes to spare and love Bond movies, this niche video is for you – just be sure to watch NTTD first if you want to avoid spoilers, on that side.

ENGINE – 2021 Ford Mustang RTR Review

There’s a reason Scott Newman uses the Instagram handle, @addictedtosliding.

As if MOTORThe associate editor needed some encouragement, someone at Mustang Motorsport decided to throw the keys to their RTR Ford Mustang at him and told him to have fun at the test center in Bryant Park.

With 559 kW and 908 Nm at the disposal of his supercharged Coyote V8 engine, it didn’t take long for Scotty to send smoke signals from the rear tires in a car designed by Formula Drift champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. “for enthusiasts. of pleasure “.

Despite its propensity to move sideways enough that the side windows were covered in more bugs than the windshield, the RTR posted a very respectable weather – although you have to watch to see exactly what it was. .

TALLADEGA: NASCAR’s most feared track

Call me a tragic race – you’ll be right – but there is something to be said for people who devote their time and money to creating niche content that big brands wouldn’t dare touch.

NASCAR may be the most popular motorsport in the United States, but its international appeal is pale compared to that of Formula 1 … right?

Will Ferrall may have made the super speedway famous in the 2006 comedy film Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, But the 1.1 million views on this home-made video by EmpLemon shows there’s a lot of love for historic NASCAR content.

Detailing the history of America’s fastest circuit, it’s an hour-long labor of love that shows Talladega’s drama, tragedy, and fortuitous story.

If you like racing history or just history in general – especially Native American history – this is a great way to spend an hour, and I promise you’ll be entertained and informed along the way.

Wheels – Massive 4×4 Double Cab Test

Who would have thought that a country so obsessed with double cab utilities would love to see them directly compared to each other?

In May, the wheels That’s exactly what the team did, taking 11 of the best-selling double-cab SUVs on the market to put them to the test.

From entry-level models to the upper echelons of the market, no stone has been overlooked in determining which vehicle is best when all the factors are taken into account.

You know the drill now – go watch to see the results and how our team of experts came to their conclusions.

Travis Pastrana – Mount Washington Hill Climb Record

There aren’t many mind-blowing things to do for cars anymore, with over 120 years of evolution leading to a pinnacle of what vehicles can accomplish.

However, as with most things in life, the spongy nut behind the steering wheel is the limiting factor – that’s exactly where Travis Pastrana comes in.

If you don’t know who Travis is, he can be summed up as a combination of Evel Knievel and Colin McRae – part action sports athlete, part extreme competitor.

Using the heavily modified Subaru WRX STI that featured in Gymkhana 2020, Travis returned to Mount Washington in an attempt to break his own hill climb record set two years earlier – and boy, did he beat it.

Think of Mount Washington as a narrower, narrower, and shorter version of Pikes Peak, leaving the driver with neither time to rest nor room for error. The on-board shots in particular are enough to turn anyone’s eyes into a plate.