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Where are the children of those iconic viral YouTube videos now?

Sophia Grace and Rosie are still singing

Social media stars come and go – but it’s the stars of the viral videos, most of whom didn’t expect to be thrown into the bright, intense spotlight in the first place, that are well and truly disappearing from the face of the earth. . It’s like once the internet has had fun for a week or two, making them an almost divine figure in memes glory, these people are instantly forgotten and you never hear from them again. So far, that is.

So, from the “seemingly” child to the child who brought us a plethora of kazoo-related memories that still live to this day, here are the child heroes of some of the most iconic YouTube videos.

Child “apparently”

The “Seemingly” Child is the first of many children who have been put on a pedestal as part of the evil society Ellen â„¢ ‘s blueprint to spread love, positivity and togetherness around the world.

While in the last few months this has turned out to be a garbage pile (toxic work environment, anyone?), One thing we can be sure of is that this video has gone HUGE viral.

Noah Ritter, the star of the viral video who has been viewed over 50 million times, is now 12 – and while you can imagine him having grown a lot since 2014 – he doesn’t seem to have, like, at all:

Following his viral success, he appeared on a series called Toy Box where he reviewed the toys – and that’s basically it. He’s still a kid who seems to be doing normal things for kids, and that’s all we can reliably report at this point. Apparently.

Sophia Grace and Rosie

Sophia Grace and her best friend Rosie went viral for their cover of Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass, and what followed can only be described as a frenzy. There was a performance with One Direction, an appearance on Ellen (obviously) and a whole bunch of more insanely viral singing videos coming up for the duo.

Sophia Grace continued with vocals and YouTube videos, appearing in the track above with a rapper called Sav. Many were quite surprised to see her transform into a D-Squared / Moncler vocals feature on a grime runway, and it’s safe to say that the like-to-dislike ratio may well reflect that.

Rosie also makes music by releasing her latest track Throw it in April of this year, but the best part? They both seem to be best friends in the world.

I love turtles

Johnathan had just received a “great makeup job” when a reporter asked him what he thought. While he could easily have said he was having a great time at the carnival, or that he thought the makeup artist did a terrific job, zombie boy instead chose to mumble the immortal phrase we all know and love: ” I like turtles.

And a legend was born. As he nearly pulls the host away from what she was going to say next, he keeps the same placid facial expression throughout the 17-second clip.

The little turtle-loving legend has since been unveiled as Johnathan Ware, a 13-year-old who revealed he was just nervous and had just seen a turtle display before being interviewed. So that explains it.

David after dentist

It was one of the OG YouTube viral videos of yesteryear, back when footage of a little dumb person after dental surgery got a bunch of views.

David DeVore now attends the University of Florida – and luckily his teeth look very ordinary.

Have you already…

This 1999 clip went viral on YouTube for explaining how insane the boy was trying to recite a quote, based on what some have speculated to be the animated film Hercules. As you can see it starts off strong before going into a full tangent which makes absolutely no sense.

Unfortunately, no one has come forward as the star of this video. It has been speculated that a young man who included the quote in his phone book may well be the child, but there has been no proper confirmation of that. I give him two months before he shows up and announces that he is selling the video as part of an NFT.

You on kazoo!

And finally, we come to the most recent celebrity meme example provided by none other than You kid on Kazoo! How many memes can you get from a short film? A lot, it seems, because there was a brief period on the internet where you couldn’t escape the variety of different slogans this kid was using.

The kazoo-loving kid is former child actor (and current adult actor) Brett Ambler, who tells us in his Twitter bio that he also writes songs. Whether this is an ironic reference to his stint as a kazoo, we’re not sure, but his The IMDb page also reveals that he was in a number of other ’90s children’s films.

It currently features cameo-style videos – and all you have to do is reply to the tweet above! And probably pay money.

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