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What are the hottest YouTube videos of 2021? Find out below

When you think of the hottest videos on Youtube, what comes to my mind? Do you think of your favorite designer? One particular video that still shows up?

There is so much content on YouTube that it’s hard to know exactly what the hottest videos are, but luckily the platform recently released its trending videos in the United States and they really stand out from the crowd.

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10. Dude Perfect: “Gaming Night Stereotypes” – 30 Million Views and Over

In our opinion, Game Night is the best night out and it looks like all 635,000 people who liked this video agree. We all know what it’s like to play games with people who have irritating habits.

In this video, we see all the types of people we hate playing games with, and for good reason. We don’t have to wait half an hour for you to roll the dice.

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9. Forge Labs: “I spent 100 days in a zombie apocalypse in ‘Minecraft’ … Here’s what happened” – 43 million+ views

For many players, Minecraft is a creative escape with just enough danger to keep you alert. But in this video, it takes it to a whole new level when Forge Labs survives a zombie apocalypse. The way this is set up makes watching it feel more like a movie than a Let’s Play, and you really start to hope that these pixelated characters can make it out alive.

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8. Biden Inauguration Committee: “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Inauguration | January 20, 2021” – 14 million+ views

So many Americans have gathered around their televisions to watch the 2021 presidential inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. But luckily for anyone who missed it, there’s YouTube. The video currently has over 14 million views, although it could get more if it wasn’t nearly seven hours long.

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7. America’s Got Talent: “Golden Buzzer: Original Nightbirde Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional” – 37 million+ views

Any fan of Simon Cowell knows how straightforward he can be. He’s not the type to show his emotions and tells contestants on every show that he participated exactly what he thinks. So getting him emotional with a performance is a big deal.

In this video, Jane Marczewski, aka Nightbirde, begins to sing an original song – “It’s OK” – about the year she spent battling cancer. To say the performance is excellent is an understatement.

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6. Dhar Mann: “Children laugh at an AUTISM boy, they instantly regret it” – 45 million+ views

Listen, children. Bullying is not okay and some people have to learn it the hard way. In this Dhar Mann sketch, Dhar shows what it is like for so many children who are treated horribly for being different. A child named Sam is autistic and is bullied at school by a classmate named Kyle. Despite how much Sam tries to be nice, it seems there is nothing he can do to be on the good side of Kyle and his friends.

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5. CoryxKenshin: “Friday Night Funkin ‘CONTINUES TO IMPROVE (Part 2)” – Over 21 million views

In part 2 of CoryxKenshin Friday night funkin Let’s Play, we see a good mix of Cory’s personality and the upbeat nature of this rhythm game. Here he is playing “Week 3”, which has a difficult difficulty level. Watching this video will make you want to dance.

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4. NFL: “The Weeknd’s FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show” – 42 million more views

Let’s be honest, a lot of us only really watch the Super Bowl to see the halftime show and 2021 was no exception. The Weeknd gave a performance to watch and performed some of his biggest hits like “Can’t Feel My Face” and “Blinding Lights”.

The NFL has made sure that you can only watch their videos on the YouTube platform. You can check out the performances of The Weeknd here.

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3. Mark Rober: “Glitterbomb Trap catches phone con artist (who gets arrested)” – 48 million+ views

We never thought we would see the phrase “glitter bomb” and “phone crook” in the same sentence. Still, here we are, and it honestly sounds like the best kind of revenge for anyone who has ever tried to exploit you for your personal data.

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2. Dream: “Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters” – 62 million views and more

Yes it is another Minecraft video, but with a few key differences. Streamer Dream got over two million likes on a video in one day and in return he had five friends track him down to prevent him from beating Ender Dragon.

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1. MrBeast: “I spent 50 hours buried alive” – 147 million views and more

It’s no surprise that the # 1 video on this list is from MrBeast. he has just recreated Squid game, after all. It’s like there’s nothing he can’t do. 50 Hours Buried Alive means the YouTuber spent more than two days in a coffin-shaped box with just a few supplies and cameras.

Are your favorite videos on YouTube’s Most Popular Trending list? Are there any that you would have liked to see on the list?