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Van Jones Sets Up ‘Uncommon Ground’ Interview Podcast With Amazon Music

Van Jones, CNN political commentator and founder of Dream Corps, seeks to give Americans exhausted by fierce supporters fighting a breath of fresh air – and hope for the future – with his new podcast.

Former Obama Advisor to Launch Weekly ‘Uncommon Ground With Van Jones’ Amazon Music interview podcast. On the show, Jones and his guests will explore topics such as climate change, prison reform, voting rights, and “culture cancellation” with the goal of finding a way forward instead of assign the blame.

“I really think the rallyers need a platform,” Jones said of the new podcast. “Dividers are getting far too much airtime and attention. People with positive and constructive ideas are drowned. “

Jones believes there is a huge untapped market for “constructive solutions and giving people advice and inspiration to get through this time.”

Jones’ first guests on the podcast include Chef José Andrés, Deepak Chopra,, Sarah Silverman, SE Cupp, Bishop TD Jakes, Andrew Yang and activist LaTonya Myers, who has already spent nine months in prison because that she couldn’t pay the bond.

The first two episodes of “Uncommon Ground” (with Andrés and Chopra) will air on October 27 on Amazon Music (available on this link), as well as Wondery Plus from Amazon and other major podcast platforms, with new episodes coming out every Wednesday. The show is produced by Wonder Media Network and Jones’ Magic Labs Media.

“I talk to people from all sides of the political spectrum,” Jones said. “They all say the same thing: They are fed up with people yelling at each other and yelling at each other. Look, there are a bunch of issues that we can make real progress on if the temperature weren’t so toxic.

The first guests of “Uncommon Ground” will be people who “come from a humanitarian background,” Jones said. Eventually, the show will develop to have more partisan voices.

On the right-left divide in US politics, Jones commented, “You have two sides that are afraid of each other and talk more and more about each other and not one. on the other, and it’s dangerous for the whole country… I want to use the podcast to create a space for dialogue and understanding – even though we know that some of these conflicts are going to have to play out on their own.

Why isn’t Jones launching the podcast with CNN? “You know, I was just thrilled to have the chance to work with Amazon,” he said. “I like to learn from a lot of different people. He added that he had digital projects coming up with CNN in the works.

About podcasts in general, Jones said, it’s a more intimate medium than live television or radio; on a live broadcast, he said, “it’s really hard to communicate emotionally complex and socially nuanced ideas.”

“I expect my listeners to have more partisan podcasts,” he said. “I just want everyone to have a podcast in their queue that offers hope and solutions.”

This is the first regular podcast series for Jones. In 2019, he hosted CNN’s special four-part “Incarceration, Inc.” podcast on the US criminal justice system.

“Uncommon Ground With Van Jones” is produced by Teddy Alexander, Maisha Dyson, Grace Lynch, Sundus Hassan and Adesuwa Agbonile, with assistance from Taylor Williamson. Executive Producers are Jenny Kaplan for Wonder Media Network and Morgan Jones for Amazon Music.

In addition to appearing regularly on CNN, Jones has been a leader in social change. Among other initiatives, he has founded and led nonprofit organizations, including Rebuild the Dream, which promotes innovative policy solutions for the US economy; Color of Change, which provides training and advice on issues of racial equality and equity on behalf of communities of color; and Green for All, dedicated to vocational training in the green sector with the aim of helping people lift themselves out of poverty. In 2014, he founded # cut50, a bipartisan campaign aimed at halving the prison population within 10 years.

Jones founded Dream Corps in 2015, dedicated to criminal justice and prison reform; the organization’s programs include Green for All, dedicated to creating environmentally friendly jobs to address poverty and pollution issues. In 2009, as President Obama’s green jobs adviser, Jones oversaw an $ 80 billion investment in clean energy jobs.

Listen to the trailer for “Uncommon Ground With Van Jones”:

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