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TMON plans 2022 IPO and YouTube videos

Joey Chang, CEO of TMON [TMON]

TMON will produce shows to stream on YouTube starting next month.

The exact nature of the programs has not been decided, but the company said they will promote products sold on TMON, an e-commerce site.

“TMON pursues relationship commerce, which builds an ecosystem with diverse partners based on stories,” TMON CEO Joey Chang said at a press conference Wednesday.

An example of possible video shows would involve hosts competing to sell more products available on the site, according to TMON’s Kwon Hyun-woong. Another possibility would relate to the food available on site, although details are still vague.

“In an ecosystem where commerce and content are merged, the products to be advertised will be deliberate from the start of content creation,” Kwon said.

TMON added that it will seek out and work with content creators.

The company partnered with video-sharing app TikTok last week to encourage content creators to create videos that can sell merchandise.

Through the partnership, TMON plans to help TikTok creators create commerce-related content and give them the opportunity to appear as show hosts on TMON’s live commerce service.

Live commerce is similar to teleshopping, but streamed over the Internet.

Chang added that TMON plans to go public next year.

TMON was due to file an initial public offering (IPO) in the second half of this year, but withdrew the plan in July, saying it will wait for a time when it is better prepared.

TMON “will prepare for a pre-IPO in the first half of next year and aims to file an IPO application next year,” Chang said at the press conference.

TMON’s sales last year were 151.2 billion won ($135 million), down 14% year on year. Its operating loss was 63.1 billion in 2020.

BY JIN MIN-JI [[email protected]]