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The True Crime podcast with Jon Hamm has been released on Amazon Music

Emmy Award-winning actor and producer Jon Hammknown for his iconic role as Don Draper in the drama series Mad Men, is headlining an Amazon Original true crime podcast. The podcast, titled American hostagefair launched on February 22.

Based on a true story, the series is set in Indianapolis in 1977. Hamm plays Fred HeckmanA beloved local radio journalist who suddenly finds himself in a life-and-death situation when Tony Kiritsis takes him hostage and requests an interview on Heckman’s radio news program. Using Heckman’s show to his advantage, Kiritsis gradually becomes a media sensation as well as an anti-hero during a 63-hour hostage situation and confrontation with the police. More than a biting story, American hostage asks questions that are just as relevant today in 2022 as they were decades ago in 1977, namely “Who is the real victim?” and “Does the media help or harm?”


Alongside Hamm, other cast members lending their talent and voice to the project are Carla Gugino (The Haunting of Bly Manor), Dylan Baker (Hunters), and Joe Perrin (Power). The series is directed by the Oscar winner Shawn Christen (Blackout), written by CD carpenterwith Gabriel Mason, Hamm and Christensen as executive producers. Amazon Music and Criminal Content co-produced the podcast.

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Regarding Hamm’s role in the project, Mason and Christensen said:

“We feel incredibly lucky and grateful that our first project is with the exceptionally talented Jon Hamm, who stars in a story that is not only powerful, but also asks thought-provoking and timely questions about America, the media and the world. world today.”

In turn, Hamm had these words to share about his thoughts on the series’ theme:

“Part of what drew me to this story was the utter brazenness of the crime itself, compounded by the slow realization that something was terribly wrong. The parallels to today’s discontent of all the sides of not being heard, not being understood, and being taken advantage of in some way by something greater than us are glaring. Apparently, we still haven’t learned our lessons about the consequences of rejecting people’s outrage.

The eight episodes of American hostage are now available for binging on Amazon Music and Wondery+. You can listen to the whole series on Amazon Music here.

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