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Snapchat allowed its users to share YouTube videos on their snap stories, here’s everything you need to know about it / Digital Information World

The American multimedia instant messaging app, Snapchat, will now allow its audience to share YouTube videos with people on their friends list directly through its camera options. Previously, Snapchat allowed its audience to share tweets in its snaps.

According to reports; when sharing from YouTube, users will only need to tap the Snap symbol to attach the hyperlink to the videos as a sticker to their stories.

The instant messaging app said the new feature will allow its users to effortlessly share their most liked videos with their friends on the app, while they are chatting about it.

This opens up a whole new range of innovative ways to share clip URLs, benefiting both companies; increasing backlinks and expanding your choices for expressiveness and interaction.

Showing stickers provides a more integrated direct sharing process than just sharing a link in your Snapchat chats, which is a smart approach to promoting more engaged posting.

That sounds reasonable and could help businesses find new ways to drive attention to their longer YouTube channels while allowing them to deliver lessons, brand information movies, and other content through Snapchat.

It’s also fascinating to see two social media giants join hands. Although they are not in direct competition, Snapchat’s expansion poses a threat to Google’s supremacy in Internet video sharing.

However, these links are effective in helping Google more than Snapchat in any case, and it seems like a natural progression of Snapchat connections.

Users can share YouTube videos by selecting Snapchat from the video’s external sharing option, which would take the user directly to the app. Snapchatters can then attach the videos URL via the YouTube icon using the features available. The viewer will only have to click on the stick to watch the shared video.

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