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Select podcasts on the Amazon Music app to get auto-generated transcripts

Amazon Music has announced that its selected podcasts will have transcriptions. It will now show auto-generated and synced transcripts on certain podcasts for users in the United States. Read also – Amazon to launch its first satellite in 2022: check the details

Rolling out the latest version of the Amazon Music app on iOS and Android, these transcripts will be available for recent episodes of select podcasts from Amazon Originals and Wondery, an Amazon-owned network, reports TechCrunch. Read also – Top 5 brands whose rebranding has turned into a great success

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Transcripts will also be available for select American Public Media, audiochuck, Cadence13, The New York Times, Stitcher and TED shows, such as “My Favorite Murder”, “Crime Junkie”, “Modern Love” and “This American Life”.

After adding podcasts to Amazon Music in September 2020, this is the first major podcast feature that the app has implemented. The Spotify beta tested similar functionality for the Spotify Exclusive and Original shows in May, according to the report.

Creators on Apple Podcasts can include transcripts in their broadcast notes, which are then searchable in the app, but they don’t sync with audio that way, he added.

Listeners can read the transcript as a paragraph in the app, or they can listen at the same time, with the words highlighted as the host says them.

This feature can also be useful for finding a certain spot in a podcast if you want to revisit an episode later – while dragging the slider, users will be able to see previews of spoken words, like browsing a video, and seeing thumbnail previews.

As an audio-only medium, transcripts are essential for podcasters to reach deaf and hard of hearing audiences.

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