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Rudy Giuliani pushes cigars and gold coins in absurd YouTube videos

As Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani knows many of the president’s darkest secrets, with a level of security clearance that only a privileged few (Trump’s son-in-law) are granted. But he’s also a dripping huckster who gets tricked by Borat, gives press conferences next to a sex shop, and now sells cigars and gold coins on his personal YouTube page. I suppose that $ 20,000 per day do not cut it.

As discovered by counting, Giuliani interrupted his most recent video, “Joe Biden: Top Of The BIDEN CRIME FAMILY Totem Pole,” to read the commercial for American Hartford Gold and Famous Smoke Shop. It’s the Casper mattress and the far-right bonobos! “If you want a good cigar, go to a good cigar store. Want the best? Go to the famous Smoke Shop, ”he said. “Let Famous Smoke deliver your favorite cigars right to your doorstep at America’s lowest prices.” If you visit, you can even get $ 20 off your first purchase (if you spend $ 99 or more). But it’s getting better! “Tell them Rudy sent you!” Giuliani reads during the promo for American Hartford Gold. What if you tell them Rudy sent you? Basically nothing! But don’t worry, Bill O’Reilly is also in on the game.

Again, this is about the president’s attorney selling items and coins in a YouTube video where he otherwise talks about the Bidens as if they were the Corleone family. I cannot stress this enough. No wonder even Trump thinks he’s “a joke.” Watch the highlights here:

And all below:

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