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Retired teacher shares math knowledge in helpful YouTube videos

Laurel Marsh has a love and passion for teaching math. She recently retired after nearly four decades of teaching the subject to students at Saskatchewan Polytechnic (Sask Polytech) in Saskatoon.

But, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, his post-retirement travel plans have been put on hold, giving him more free time.

After his brother was fired from his job, he started a YouTube channel called Freddie Got Furloughed. He suggested that she create her own channel. With the idea in mind, her friend suggested that she put her math videos online. That’s exactly what she did, launching Mathematics Made Easy with Laurel.

“I realized that the YouTube channel would be the best avenue to create my videos,” Marsh said. “When I start, I’m going to take all the math concepts I taught Kelsey (Sask Polytech) and teach them, teach them like I’m in front of a classroom.”

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She says her videos are aimed at high school and college students, but also any adults who were not able to understand any type of math, including fractions, algebra, arithmetic, and word problems. .

Marsh adds that these 10- to 15-minute videos are useful in every way, although math isn’t a strong suit.

“(My former students) lacked some of these basics, and once those are in place, they’re able to be successful in other math,” Marsh said.

Marsh says her goal was to post 200 videos by the end of the month, but says she has exceeded that goal and wants to do more.

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Sask. Shaun Perret, professor of industrial mechanics at Polytech, says his students often use Marsh’s videos. In fact, it usually provides the links to the videos for anyone who wants a better understanding of the math they need help with.

“It’s complementary. I heard a lot of great comments from my guys, ”Perret said. “I’m grateful to Laurel for doing this and grateful that the resource is there for (my students).”

Perret says the videos are made in such a simple way that they’re not at all difficult to follow.

“It’s a real simplified platform. She has been able to really narrow things down over the years that are concise and to the point. “

“(The videos) are tailored to specific topics. This saves them from having to go through hours and hours of videos to find the right set.

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Marsh says his goal with each video was simple: to make math understandable.

“It’s easy to start developing math anxiety,” Marsh added. “Get the help you need, then move on. Or go back and find out what building blocks you are missing where you have trouble with a certain concept.

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She adds that people are capable of being successful in math, they just need to have the right tools in place, such as instruction and practice.

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You can check out his videos for math help at Youtube.

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