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Queen’s Song, Creatively Recreated by Indian-American Songwriter About Social Distancing, Is Pure Gold: Watch | Global

Music is known to help people get through difficult times. And these are indeed difficult times. So if you’re looking for a fun and energetic clip, with a subtle message, check out the new clip by Indo-American composer Vivek Agrawal.

The San Francisco Bay Area, California-based songwriter hopes to provide some comedic relief in these stressful times with a social-distancing Queen’s parody of “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

Agrawal, who worked in technology for 10 years before pursuing his passion – music – mobilized a team of technicians from San Francisco, Seattle, Washington, Houston, Texas and New York, who remotely recorded audio and the video from their iPhones which was then compiled into one track. The video also features American Indian singers and contributors, including Sachin Premasuthan, Rohi Rege, and Sailesh Kumar.

Agrawal uses the video to raise funds for MusiCares, which helps support workers in the music industry who are currently out of work.

“After capturing and editing a handful of audio and video recordings from sources ranging from an iPhone to an elaborate home recording studio, I am delighted to present a parody of ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen which presents some of the many feelings we may have had during the foreclosure experience, ”Agrawal wrote on her Facebook page while sharing the video.

“As soon as we started practicing social distancing, I started to think – although we are physically separated, we can still be connected virtually through music. I put that to the test and started working on a song and a video with musicians from all over without having to bring them into one space, ”he wrote.

Agrawal, who is working on her first Hindi album, according to her LinkedIn page, continues to urge people to practice social distancing. “Stay home, save lives and make music,” he concludes.

Here is the link to the Facebook post with the video:

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