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Prosecutors Use YouTube Videos and Social Media Posts in YFN Lucci Gang Racket Case

The rhyme “Everyday We Lit” is one of a dozen suspects named in RICO’s indictment.

Rayshawn “YFN Lucci” Bennett is now being held in the Fulton County Jail in Georgia. On May 10, the Atlanta-based rapper went to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office for racketeering.

YFN Lucci was released from Fulton County jail in February after posting $ 500,000 bail. A month earlier, he had surrendered to authorities for murder, assault, firearm and gang activity.

The murder case was linked to the December 10 murder of 28-year-old Atlanta resident James Adams. Other suspects have also been arrested in connection with this death.

“The presumption of innocence is a fundamental constitutional right for every citizen. Beyond that, we have no further comments at this time, ”Lucci’s attorney Thomas Reynolds said in January.

In racketeering case, police claim Lucci drove three suspected Blood gang members into rival gang territory, a shootout took place and James Adams was killed and then kicked out of YFN Lucci’s vehicle . A second victim was reportedly shot in the abdomen.

Drew Findling, another lawyer representing YFN Lucci, says his client is not guilty of all counts. Findling said WSB-TV, “He’s not a gang member. What he is is an internationally renowned musical artist who is a triple Platinum winner.

Further, Findling argued that YFN Lucci is not committing a crime, therefore, he cannot be guilty of a murder charge which requires the suspect to unintentionally cause death while committing a crime. Lucci’s legal team maintains that he and his passengers were acting in self-defense.

The 105-count racketeering indictment concerns the criminal murder of James Adams. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the charge is based, in part, on the lyrics, video clips and social media posts of YFN Lucci that the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office says encourage criminal gang activity.

Investigators say they have been working on the racketeering case for about six months. “Get It In Blood” rapper Justin “Bloody Jay” Ushery was also among a dozen individuals named in the RICO gang-related indictment which lists street gang terrorism as one of the charges.

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