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“Probably harder than I would like” – Nikita Mazepin uses Interlagos YouTube videos to prepare in the absence of a simulator

Nikita Mazepin relies on Interlagos YouTube videos as he is unable to get a simulator to practice before the race in Sao Paulo.

Interlagos is one of the most breathtaking and challenging tracks. Nikita Mazepin, who is in his rookie season in Formula 1, will travel to Interlagos for the first time with Haas.

Talking about his preparation, it was discovered that the Russian racing driver was watching YouTube videos of the track being prepared. It’s because he couldn’t find a simulator.

“I think the sprint is a great format,” Mazepin said. “I appreciated it on the circuits that I have known very well since my racing debut, Monza and Silverstone.

“Also, it makes every day a little more special, waking up and knowing you have something to fight for, and that will count. I think Brazil is a little bit different challenge, I’ve never been on this track, and unfortunately I didn’t do any virtual laps on this circuit.

“So it’s definitely a tough track and will take more than one session to get up to speed. Guess I’ll have to deal with that. Pushed on whether he had done any sim prep , Mazepin insisted, “Unfortunately no. I couldn’t.

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Nikita Mazepin finds Brazil difficult; YouTube videos one station

When asked how difficult the weekend would be for him. Mazepin replies that it would be more difficult than he would generally like. However, he concedes the reality.

“Probably harder than I would like, but that’s just the reality right now. Hopefully that will change next year. If I could tell you how many YouTube videos I’ve watched from Interlagos, that’s probably more than any other track, so I’m ready.

Mazepin is currently at the lowest possible position in the F1 standings. His first season was unpleasant, but he is sure to continue with Haas in 2022.

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