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Police seek to remove FriendlyJordies’ YouTube videos

Police want Jordan Shanks, aka Friendlyjordies, to remove youtube videos from his producer, the ongoing Kristo Langker case.

Langker was arrested in June for allegedly stalking John Barilaro, a charge Langker denies and he has pleaded not guilty. At the time, Barilaro was Deputy Premier of New South Wales, but has since stepped down.

According to The conversation, Barilaro cited his ongoing business with Friendlyjordies as one of the reasons he decided to step down. Barilaro is also suing Shanks for libel.

The case has continually made headlines, especially because Shanks has been rather cheeky in his defense, essentially documenting his own case and that of Langkor online.

Yesterday, NSW Police asked the courts to find Shanks in contempt of court for discussing the case online through his YouTube videos. Police basically want to gag Shanks so he can’t continue to speak publicly about Langkor’s case and want two videos removed.

This is not technically the “normal” for a case reserved for judges.

Shanks has spoken about the case often on his popular YouTube channel Friendlyjordies, which has more than half a million subscribers. Shanks even uploaded a video yesterday of the police’s latest legal decision titled, “The terrorist police are trying to ban my videos.”

Shanks said: “The cops who completely ruined the wrongful arrest of my employee Kristo are now throwing the legal equivalent of a tantrum.”

The Guardian, reported that police prosecutor Amin Assad said: “He interferes in the administration of justice, he is able to influence witnesses.

“We are not interested in politics, we are not interested in opinions, the problem is that there are now two videos that will, do, or can interfere with the evidence still available.”

However, Shank’s attorney, Philip Strickland SC, argued that silencing Shanks would be an abuse of process.

The Guardian, reported, that he said, “There is nothing here to suggest that this would seriously prejudice a trial.”

“It is the police who want to put an end to the criticisms of the police. This amounts to an abuse of process.

According to ABC, the presiding judge, Magistrate Jacqueline Milledge said: “Doesn’t that give all that oxygen?”

Milledge then explained that the police needed to be more specific and deferred the request until next week.