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Now you can download YouTube videos from your computer browser, what do you do?

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YouTube is an application that virtually all users use online, that is, they access it and while playing a video, they consume an internet connection. Either from a mobile data rate or from a Wi-Fi network. Now, for some time now, those in Mountain View have in their smartphone applications an option with which to download these videos beforehand so that, when read, they can do so even without an Internet connection. This offline mode is, at the moment, limited to cell phone users and, in turn, to those who have a Premium subscription, so if we want to do something like this we need the help of these sites. Web and third-party tools. that allow us to download the video files to the computer. However, Americans have just surprised us with the possibility of adding a new button to their videos within the desktop browser: the download button. Currently in test, but accessible This new function is presented as one more alternative available to us in this laboratory, which publishes new tools that we can activate at will. This is the same place you should go if you want to enjoy the picture from YouTube in picture mode on your iPhone, so that when you exit the app, you can continue to see the video as a floating window. Now in addition you have this download available from PC or Mac browser. So if you want to activate this new feature (beta), you just need to go to the link you have above and search for the option “Download videos from your browser”. In addition to an important reminder that warns us that “this feature is only available on computers with the most recent versions of Chrome, Opera or Edge browsers”, we will see a blue button just below that is “Test” . We touch it and voila, we already have it available. Of course, as with other lab functions, you will need to be a YouTube Premium subscriber to be able to use it, although if you are interested in seeing how it works, we recommend that you activate the trial period. and see if the benefits make up for paying monthly. Without a doubt, if you’re one of those people who doesn’t want to be interrupted while playing a channel, this is a good way to make sure that we can see any content without any surprises or issues, such as is this function published by those of Mountain View.

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