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Mr. Beast duplicates YouTube videos in different languages

Whether you watch Youtube in rotation or watch an occasional video, language is a barrier. Language is an obstacle to everything in life. It can open the door to communication, but if you are limited by ignorance the possibilities are closed. Youtube, however, recently had one of its biggest creators, Mr. Beast, who dubbed his channel into three additional languages ​​- a first for the platform for channels that are outside the core audience of “Children” (example: Cocomelon). With this achievement kicking in, it means not only financial opportunities for the creator, but a big leap in social progress.

How Mr. Beast breaks language barriers

As of October 14, 2021, Mr. Beast’s Youtube library main channel has been dubbed and partially (not fully) translated into Spanish, Russian and Portuguese. In English, his channel Mr. Beast has 72 million subscribers. Although it currently owns one of the most popular channels in the world, this change allows more people to see its content and people to communicate and come together around a common interest.

This is an example of dubbing.

English version:

Spanish version:

Although Mr. Beast is the first to do so, it shouldn’t be too far for other creators to join in on him. Youtube being a leader in social media platforms, it is an outlet that allows a lot of time to pass and also use it as a creative outlet.

While Mr. Beast’s Youtube changes may play a small role in communicating with language barriers, it’s a modern way to break them down.

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