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Microsoft Edge bug causing crashes when viewing YouTube videos, fix in progress

If you’ve had issues with streaming YouTube videos to Microsoft Edge, you might not be alone. Reports are pouring in about users facing constant browser crashes while streaming videos to YouTube. Reddit thread detailing the issue (spotted by Techdows) date back to 15 days ago, with more users running stable versions of version 90 appearing to be starting to fall prey in recent days.

A response from a Microsoft engineer in the forums two weeks ago urged users to try disabling hardware acceleration as a workaround. However, the same engineer confirmed yesterday on Reddit that the bug is probably bigger and that there are “a few situations around it.” The individual added that people experiencing browser crashes can try downloading and running the latest versions of Canary to check if their issues have been resolved through the bug fix implemented in that version of the browser. In addition, the company is also asking for comments and accident reports from those who have been affected.

To be clear, the Redmond firm has been tracking YouTube playback issues caused by certain ad blocking extensions in versions of the Dev channel. However, the problem mentioned by users seems to be different, YouTube starts loading the video in full screen and then crashes the browser often causing a crash. One of the workarounds mentioned in the articles was to head to the browser task manager (by pressing shift + esc) and complete the task that consumes the most resources. However, this workaround was also a fluke.

With a partial patch already heading towards Canary Channel releases, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it spread rapidly through the Dev and Beta channels before finally being introduced to the Stable Channel. However, those interested can go to Insider download page here and download Edge Canary.

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