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Man who stole 16kg of gold from Vellore watched YouTube videos for training, Tamil Nadu police say

Teekharam, the man who decamped with 15.9kg of gold from a jewelry store in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, practiced stealing by watching videos on YouTube, police said. By watching YouTube videos, he learned not to leave traces of his deed and to melt down gold to hide it from the police.

Police said Teekharam came up with the idea and plotted the robbery by watching videos on YouTube, leaving his interrogators baffled.

A jewelry store in Vellore, Tamil Nadu reported a break-in on December 15, saying 15.9kg of gold was stolen in the robbery. Tamil Nadu police have arrested a man, identified as Teekharam based on CCTV footage.

Initial investigation revealed that Teekharam had taken 10 days to dig a hole in the wall of the jewelry store to ensure no noise was heard. He relied on simple methods he learned from YouTube videos to leave no traces and block CCTVs to hide his identity.

Teekharam acquired machinery to melt gold and bury the hideout in a crematorium at Odukathur to dispel suspicion.

The police, however, arrested him after five days of investigation. On December 15, 15.9 kilos of gold jewelery was stolen from Jos Alukkas jewelery store on Katpadi Road, Vellore.

CCTV footage showed a man wearing a lion mask and using spray paint to block CCTV cameras from recording. The suspect was eventually cornered and identified as Teekharam (22) from Kuchipalayam village. A case has been registered under sections 457 and 380 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Police say the theft was meticulously planned. The police were surprised because no alarm was triggered during the theft. No one in the area saw anything suspicious.

After going through nearly 200 CCTV footage, police special teams were able to compile a list of suspects which was then cross-checked against criminal records from different states.

Tamil Nadu Police said their regular field work proved helpful in catching Teekharam. Police said Teekharam wanted to get rich quick and stole gold and diamond jewelery worth Rs 10 crore.

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