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Jake Davison: YouTube videos show Incel Movement mention


Jake davison

Jake Davison is the 22-year-old accused in England’s first mass shooting in more than a decade. A YouTube video in the name of “Professor Waffle” showed that he was linked to people in the “incel” movement.

Six people, including Davison, died in the six-minute shooting that took place on the evening of August 12, 2021 in Plymouth, England. You can watch some of his videos later in this article, but be aware that they are disturbing.

“The offender’s name is Jake Davison, aged 22”, police confirmed in a statement.

Devon & Cornwall Police Chief Shaun Sawyer said in the police statement: “This is a truly shocking and tragic incident which has seen five people and one offender lose their lives. The impact on the local community of Keyham, the city of Plymouth and many communities across the country in which the relatives of the deceased live will be felt for many months and years. I have already been in extensive discussions with Plymouth City Council and local community leaders earlier today and we are committed to playing our part in helping the community cope with the impact of an event. like this one. “

Police say they don’t believe terrorism was involved, and are looking for the motive. Some people have criticized this determination, claiming that the incel movement is essentially “gender terrorism”. According to Sky News, the incel movement, which refers to involuntary celibacy, “has now been linked to at least six mass shootings and the murder of 46 people in the United States.” It’s defined by men who hate women because they don’t think they can attract women, and the violence associated with it is generally attributed to Elliot Rodger, who murdered several University of California students in 2014.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Davison, who killed his own mother at the start of the rampage, referred to the “Terminator” movies in 1 video and said “it’s just me against the world”

“I am so downcast and overcome by life,” Davison says in a video he posted to YouTube.

“This reader that I once had is gone. I’ve tried, and I’ll always keep trying, but it’s like I’m at the point now where it’s like why I bother, what, you know? I am still in the same house, same situation, same position. Everything is still the same for the most part. It’s just me against the world, it’s just me fighting an uphill battle.

He mentioned “the whole premise of the Terminator movies,” claiming that “everything is rigged against you. There is no hope for humanity. We are all on the brink of extinction. These machines are unstoppable… ”

Watch this video here:

Authorities say Davison shot and killed a woman in a house before killing two more people outside, then shooting two more people on the street and shooting a man in a park and a woman on a street neighbor, CBS News reported.

“To hear that one of the dead is a small child is absolutely heartbreaking,” Plymouth MP Luke Pollard said. written in a tweet. The child was walking his dog when he was killed, according to Al-Jazeera.

According to police in England, Devon & Cornwall Police “can now confirm the identity of those who died following a shooting in Keyham, Plymouth on Thursday August 12, 2021. All the deceased lived locally in the Keyham area .

The victims were identified as Maxine Davison, also known as 51-year-old Maxine Chapman, who was the offender’s mother, police wrote.

“The other victims were Sophie Martyn, aged three, and her father Lee Martyn, aged 43. Stephen Washington, 59, was also deceased. The last person to die was Kate Shepherd, 66, who was injured at the scene and later died at Derriford Hospital.

Police said the firearm “allegedly used in the incident was legally owned by the offender.” The circumstances surrounding this have now been the subject of a mandatory referral to the IOPC Fund by Devon and Cornwall Police. Police continue to investigate 13 scenes inside the Keyham cordon, which is expected to remain in place for much of the weekend. “

2. Davison spoke about Incels on YouTube and Reddit, according to reports

CBS News also reported that Davison posted videos on Professor Waffle’s site. His last video was 11 minutes long and said he had been “beaten and conquered by … life,” CBS reported, saying he was troubled by his weight and his problems meeting women. He worked as a scaffolder, CBS reported, saying he had mentioned “people who are incels” and adding that he did not see himself as such but believed the incels were “people like me, they had nothing but themselves, and so they had social difficulties.

A Twitter user who says he looked at Davison’s YouTube channel before YouTube took it down, said the suspect posted about the incels.

“Davidson was running a YouTube channel and in his last video just over 2 weeks ago he was talking about being on the black pill and lacking a good life, for incels and virgins,” wrote Twitter user Mark Malone, who said Davison posted on a channel called “Professor Waffle.”

“In a July 23 video, #JakeDavidson repeats Jordan Peterson’s lines and misogynistic views on women. YouTube * just * terminated #JakeDavison’s YouTube account. They deleted videos, his playlists full of gun material, and his YouTube subscriptions and viewing history records. There are good reasons for this, but researchers can no longer access the information. “

He added, “#JakeDavidson was also very active on the Reddit forum. He commented in several subtitles, including lots in the Doomer subtitle. The unfortunate ? It is a self-proclaimed term associated with incel culture, pessimism and “black pills”.

3. Davison committed suicide after the rampage, police say

Police said they “were continuing to investigate the circumstances of a shooting in Keyham, Plymouth on Thursday evening which left six dead”.

They said they were called shortly after 6:11 pm “Thursday after gunshots were reported to have been fired in the city’s Biddick Drive area. Firearms officers were present and a woman, two men and a young girl, as well as the offender were all found dead in the area. The offender was reported dead at 6:23 pm An injured woman also died later at Derriford Hospital.

They noted that two other people, a 53-year-old woman and a 33-year-old man who knew each other, “were injured at the scene and continue to be treated in hospital. Neither are seriously injured.

4. Davison was an “authorized firearm owner,” authorities revealed.

Jake Davison “was a licensed firearms owner, whose circumstances will now be the subject of a full and independent investigation and review,” police said. Sky News reported that he liked the gun-related videos on YouTube and titled a video, “Lack of Willpower and Motivation When Life Beats You”.

According to CBS News, the weapon used was “a shotgun”.

Police Chief Sawyer added, “I am extremely proud of the way my officers handled the initial call and response to what has been described as an extremely distressing scene. Unarmed and armed officers witnessed what was a very rapid event in less than six minutes. We will now take the time necessary to examine some 13 scenes in the immediate vicinity. It may upset the local community, which we apologize for, but there must be forensic analysis to gather all the evidence possible. “

Police Chief Sawyer said: “It was a deeply traumatic event and I know the local people will be worried and concerned.

5. Davison worked as a crane operator and shared a quote from Donald Trump

Al-Jazeera gave Davison’s occupation as a crane operator, and the BBC confirmed that Davison had been an apprentice crane operator since August 2020 for a British aerospace, defense and nuclear engineering services company Babcock International.

CEO of Babcock International David Lockwood told the BBC he was “shocked and deeply saddened by the events”.

Sky News reported that, on Facebook, Davison shared this quote from Donald Trump: “In America, we don’t seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather let it shine as an example to follow. everybody. He claimed he was from Phoenix, Arizona, but spoke with a British accent in his videos.

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