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Is Kevin Macleod dead or alive? American composer Death Hoax explained

Is Kevin Macleod dead or alive? American composer Death Hoax explained: Kevin Macleod is a famous music composer and quite famous musician for making funny stock music, he is the person who has created thousands of copyright free music, his music is generally popular because it is used in memes, Monkey Spinning Monkeys is one of his most famous works, the song has been used in many short trending genre videos. Follow more update on

Is Kevin Macleod dead or alive?

Musical artist Kevin Macleod, appears to be alive and well, it seems his fans have been quite worried lately as rumors of the death have been circulating the internet about the man, but there have been no such news that has been officially declared. He recently posted on his Twitter account that he was ready to set up over 90 pieces of lego for Halloween treats, this tweet was posted from the official Twitter account on October 31, Kevin has been quite active in as a musical artist and as a composer since 1996.

If we are talking about his most popular license to date it is by CC, it indicates that nobody will have copyright issues if he credits his work, basically he wants people to use his. work in his videos, he’s just asking them to mention his name in the song credits.

Kevin Macleod Instagram

Big Chungles recently teased Kevin on one of his Instagram posts, in Instagram posts he has all the deceased captions on the top frame and Kevin can be seen on the bottom frame there were several legendary people like Robin Williams , XXXTentacion, Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali and more.

The meme has confused several viewers, they are trying to figure out the context of the meme and it turns out that he is either sick or dead, but the truth is he is pretty much alive, so we are just trying to figure this out. that there is so funny in what Chungles posted.

It looks like Chungles is getting a lot of hate for what he posted, the audience has asked to delete it as the post is not funny at all, it looks like the audience is berating him for posting the idea of ​​sending the artist in the sky, what he has done is probably beyond our intellect.

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