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Iranian-American singer Katayoun Goudarzi believes Indian music can have a global presence

Iranian-American singer Katayoun Goudarzi has had a date with Indian music, having collaborated with Grammy-nominated classical composer-sitarist, Shujaat Husain Khan. And she is very impressed with how local music in India is now enjoying a global presence.

“Indian music already has an impressive global presence, but I am sure that more exceptional cross-cultural collaborations by great artists can draw even more attention to it,” Goudarzi said.

Although she admits she didn’t know much about the Indian music scene, she was fortunate enough to discover it during her performances with Khan in the country before the pandemic struck last year.

“When I was playing with Shujaat in India it was amazing how packed every room we played. It’s wonderful to see that in India and here in the United States, people really love him and appreciate his music, ”she adds.

Goudarzi also has some favorites from the Indian music industry. “I love watching and listening to the live performances of the greats Vilayat Khan and Shujaat Khan in New York and London in the 90s. There are no words to describe these performances, just high level musicality”, we she says.

Speaking of her latest collaboration with Khan, she said, “Shujaat is an exceptional musician and having had the opportunity to work with him for over a decade, and on this record, has been a pleasure. He is considerate, kind and courteous with incredible attention to detail.

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