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“I felt like he was talking to me”

Carl Lawson First Call Jets Zoom

The Jets introduced the defensive end Carl Lawson Thursday, after the two sides reached agreement on a three-year, $ 45 million deal this week.

Lawson immediately seemed to fit in perfectly with what the Jets were trying to build, starting his Zoom call with reporters by hiring the Jets’ new head coach. Robert saleh and patting him as one of the reasons he wanted to come to New York.

“I had searched YouTube for stuff about Coach Saleh,” Lawson said. “I heard him throughout the league and saw that he had accepted the job here. I watched some of his interviews and just came out with how awesome he was, the message that ‘he was preaching and even a video where he felt like he was talking to me.

“… It’s going to do wonders for my career. … When you have a guy who’s passionate about it, it makes you want to come here and work every day, and it makes you want to come here and build a culture. . “

Lawson added that he also looked at that defense and the plan and felt it would be a perfect fit.

“There was availability at [DE] instead, I was like ‘wow’, I was thinking about this pattern, which fits my skills perfectly, ”he said.

The four-year-old vet said that the fact that his mother was from New Jersey and that his father had also grown up in New York were among the “millions of other things that attracted him” to the Jets.

“This moment is just a great man.… I’m in an organization that really wants me to come here and thrive, my family is proud of me, it’s just a big day,” Lawson said with a big smile across his face.

“I am delighted to play here, I am delighted to be a Jet.”

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