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How to Make YouTube Videos and Get Lots of Views


The main task you should have right now is not to slow down, not to hang on to material to film, but to start filming with what you have. Many people prolong the preparation process for months and years, and in the end they simply forget about their dream, making it unrealistic. In a month, you can shoot dozens of videos, which in the future will bring passive income from YouTube. It will take a lot of video views, likes, and of course, subscribers on your YouTube channel for this to happen.

Tip one. Don’t look for excuses. Start shooting for what you have.

Tip two. Write a script and learn it. If you can’t stand in front of the camera, you lose your thoughts, stutter, and then write and learn the text.

Usually that kind of awkward stress comes from trying to please the audience, so just be yourself. Only with experience that it will pass to you, all the barriers of shyness will collapse.

Tip three. Don’t be afraid to be like someone else. From childhood we copy the actions and behavior of others, then we form our own style. So here you do a lot, you will find your ideas and your style.

Tip four. Find the meaning. Sit down and write down all the meanings you want your channel and videos to have. Imagine what will change in your life in a year or two when you get it right.

One of the most important things I want to do when recording videos is to stop being afraid of the camera and learn how to structure my speech intelligently.

Tip five. Don’t listen to the losers. By losers I mean people who don’t want to look worse than you and try to get you off track in any way. They write negative comments below the videos, tell you you won’t get it, etc.

Sixth tip. Record at least 100 videos and post them on YouTube. Then judge whether or not it’s yours. I’m sure on the hundredth video you will be fine in front of the camera and get your first positive result.

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Where can I find ideas and themes for my videos?

Coming up with ideas and topics for videos is also a skill to be developed. In one of my blog development trainings, when I started this blog, our mission was to come up with 100 topics for future articles.

Since the Idea Skill was at zero, I had a lot of trouble with this task. It took me almost 2 weeks, but my very first list (draft content plan) was complete. Then everything multiplied, the ideas came so much that I don’t have time to write.

Where to start here?

First of all. We take a sheet of paper and a pen. Write down everything you could shoot even the silliest ideas, we just need that to generate good stories.

We start from 3 points:

  • The things you love to do. Creativity, travels, reflections, life stories, sports activities, etc.
  • What you’re good at. What you can do and can teach others.
  • What you aspire and want to become. If you were to become yourself in the future, what videos would you make?

You can also add ideas of what you could do with the money. For example, on YouTube, you can promote affiliate programs through videos. This is one of the best ways to monetize your channel.

Find projects with affiliate marketing whose products or services you could recommend in the video. Think about the videos that might be of interest to the audience who buys them. Make a list of requests for this audience.

Advice. Develop your brainstorming skills and write them down on a separate list.

The second thing that helps me look for ideas is the thematic structure of the channel. In the very first articles, when we set up playlists, I told you that you had to divide your topics into sections (headings). I even recommended a useful program for this.

Looking at the whole structure of your niche, it is very easy to come up with ideas on what to add to which section or that section.

Enough advice for today, where to get ideas on what to do with YouTube videos? Write in the comments if what I wrote above was helpful.

Try filming and post what you’re not good at. In the next article, we will learn how to record video from your computer screen and which software to use.


What videos you need to do on YouTube to reach the top

A list of problems for aspiring authors

First of all, we are interested in:

  1. On what and on what subject to make a video? Today we are going to talk about it in detail, to break it down.
  2. What to record on? Which camera to choose?
  3. How to record a quality video?
  4. Which microphone is better to choose? How to record good sound?
  5. How to choose a background?
  6. How to adjust the lights at home?
  7. How to shoot a video from a screen?
  8. How to create streams and deliveries?

Then when you find something to record, there are psychological issues. You start recording and forget everything you want to say, your thoughts get confused, etc. Who experienced this?

How to stop being afraid (shy) of the camera?

  • How to learn to speak in front of a camera?
  • Will my videos look like someone else’s?
  • I recorded my first video, what’s next?
  • How can I change it? In which program? Where do I learn?
  • How do I publish my video on YouTube?
  • How to optimize my video?
  • What title to give?
  • What tags to use?
  • What description to make?

Well, the whole promotion process – this is the next section. For now, we have to learn to shoot.


What types of videos are there, what can be filmed and edited?


Live videos include those where you are directly present, these are:

  1. vlogs (snippets from your ordinary life);
  2. shows, entertainment videos;
  3. interviews;
  4. to travel;
  5. streaming and broadcasting;
  6. educational and informative videos in which you tell something;
  7. product and service reviews.


Screencast – in simple terms, record a video from the screen of a computer or mobile device.

  • Educational and informative videos.
  • Reviews of sites, services, goods, services, etc.
  • Game videos.
  • Skype Interviews.
  • Collages
  • Video collage from photos.
  • Presentations.
  • Video made
  • Such videos are usually used for the presentation of a product or business, with the help of which a story is told, a trailer.
  • All of this you can film and create.

Of course, we are mainly interested in the first two types of videos, which we will have to analyze in the following articles.

Promoting videos is a complex, but interesting task. There are paid and free options. In the first case, it is enough to pay the money, to set goals and to wait for the result. In the second case, you have to optimize the video yourself. To do this:

  • Give it the right title (using keywords) so that search engines will show it for relevant queries
  • Add easy to read text with keywords in the video description
  • Add summary
  • Add tags to make the video easier to find
  • Create a beautiful splash screen or cover for the video
  • Share your video using social media buttons
  • You can also send a link to your video to popular reviews. If they like it, they will promote your video for free. Exchange links with other bloggers, but don’t overdo it. Otherwise, there is a risk of becoming just another ad channel that no one is watching.

Hundreds of hours of video content is downloaded on YouTube every day. And only a small part gets a meaningful response from the public. The rest of the video is unclaimed. Often the secret to success lies in the usefulness of the video and the good quality of the shoot. Although a certain percentage can be attributed to luck. However, interesting content, filmed and expressed in a qualitative way, is sure to get his views.

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