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How to Download YouTube Videos Using SS: A Complete Guide

YouTube has been the premier destination for video streaming and downloading since 2005. There are millions of clips on the platform that you may want to have on your device storage from the platform. Do you know how to download YouTube videos using SS?

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YouTube allows users to watch and stream videos from their website or app. You cannot download videos directly from their website. This will require you to use a third party service like SS trick. Here is how to download YouTube video with SS.

How to download YouTube videos with SS

What do you need to download YouTube clips with SS? Here are all the requirements for this process:

  • An active internet connection
  • Laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Browser
  • Enough data packages for downloading
  • Adequate local storage to save the file

If you have all the requirements, follow the steps below for SS YouTube Video Download Trick:

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1. Connect to the Internett: Use your data connection, access point, LAN cable or Bluetooth tethering. You need to make sure that the source for your network is reliable.

2. Open your browser: For the best user experience, use Google Chrome. If your laptop has less than 2 GB of RAM, go for lighter browsers like Opera and Microsoft Edge.

3. Go to YouTube: Use the official address.

4. Find the video you want to download: Use the search icon to locate any video on the platform. For this guide, “10 hours with nothing” is the video to download. Type the words into the search bar to retrieve it.

How to download YouTube videos with SS
How to download YouTube videos using SS. Photo:
Source: Instagram

5. Open the video: Once the platform has loaded the results, scroll down and tap on the relevant video. If you are on a strict data plan, copy its URL and go to the next step.

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6. Start the process: You can download YouTube videos by changing URL to SS. Open the video and change its address. If you copied the video link, open a new tab, paste the link and edit it to add the prefix “ss” to the YouTube domain name.

7. Press Enter: You will be redirected to the site. The video link will be automatically pasted into the search tab.

8. Download the video: Press the download button. It’s a green button with video quality next to it.

How to download YouTube videos with SS
How to download YouTube videos using SS. Photo:
Source: Instagram

9. Specify the save location: If you are using a PC, a pop-up window will prompt you to select the backup destination. Make sure you choose a memorable path.

10. Press Save: This will start the download. Continue to check the progress to identify errors.

The video is now saved to your local storage. To access it, head to the location you chose during the download process and open it using any video player. If the SS YouTube download trick doesn’t impress you, you can manually copy the YouTube links into the search box.

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The procedure for downloading YouTube videos using SS is that easy. Just add an “SS” prefix to the YouTube domain name, and you’re good to go. shared an article on how to save YouTube video to Google Drive. There are different ways to record YouTube video on different devices. When you come across a stunning video, you can easily keep it on any device you use with just a few steps.

This list provides the easiest ways to save YouTube video to Google Drive. Now you can record videos and music on your desktop, Android or iOS devices. Saving your videos to Google Drive allows you to watch and listen to them from anywhere.

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