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How an 11-foot hallway and YouTube videos helped the Eagles’ Alex Singleton when he had COVID-19

PHILADELPHIA CREAM – Eagles Linebacker Alex Singleton is used to sprinting 11 yards in tight spaces, closing the gaps between offensive linemen who have more than him to try to stop offensive players. After all, that’s how he managed to get 120 total tackles last season.

However, instead of trying to run on the turf against the first team offense with a helmet and shoulder pads at the start of training camp, Singleton had to run on a hallway floor in his residence.

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Singleton missed the first eight practices of training camp after testing positive for COVID-19[female[feminine. Singleton said he went for his test a day before the players were supposed to officially report to camp, but the results came back confirming he had the virus. Singleton, who was vaccinated, said he did not know where or how he caught the virus. Singleton added that he had experienced a few symptoms but felt like he was 100% the entire time he had the virus.

Having to stay away from the squad, Singleton joined the shift and team meetings electronically, allowing him to digest the plan defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon was implementing.

“With all this Zoom stuff and all the communication that we have now, luckily I was able to attend meetings and watch practices pretty much almost live through my iPad,” Singleton said on Sunday. “Mentally, I was able to stay completely in it. Fortunately, with this defense and with the OTAs, I was able to bring in these representatives.

The problem for Singleton was finding a way to stay in shape without using the team’s facilities. Much as if he was seeing a formation on the pitch for the first time and had to find a way to stop it quickly, Singleton had to improvise, using the hallway as his makeshift trail.

“Being quarantined inside, I had to find a way to run into my house,” Singleton said. “Fortunately, I have a small hallway. It’s 11 meters, but the wall comes very quickly.

Singleton also wanted to maintain a training regimen to keep his strength. Equipped with kettlebells, dumbbells and other training equipment, Singleton transformed his living room into a training room.

“The first day I searched for a kettlebell routine on YouTube, and it was about 45 minutes with this 60-pound kettlebell, and the guy in the video was around 10 pounds,” Singleton said. “I just killed myself in the living room.”

Singleton said he was surprised at the amount of work he was able to do at home, attributing the state of his conditioning to the combination of online workouts and training methods he was already familiar with. .

After adjusting to his new training routine long enough to test negative for the virus, Singleton officially returned to field training on Saturday, taking snaps once against his teammates. Even though he missed a lot of time, Singleton said it feels good to be on the pitch again.

“With how I was feeling yesterday, I feel like I haven’t missed a day mentally or physically,” Singleton said. “I hated it when I was gone. Now that is a thing of the past, and live bullets are going to start flying here in the next few days.

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