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Google ordered to pay Australian politician for defamatory YouTube videos

The American technological multinational Google has been ordered to pay 715,000 Australian dollars to a former Australian politician. The court delivered its judgment after Google refused to remove the politician’s defamatory videos from YouTube. The former politician claimed that because of these fake and misleading videos about him on YouTube, he was forced out of politics.

Source: Reuters

The court ruled that Alphabet Inc was deliberately making money by showing the two misleading videos against the former lawmaker. According to reports, these videos have been viewed around 800,000 times since they were posted.

This judgment brings the fact that a technology company is also liable for the slander of a person made by any user on its platform in Australia with the accused user. Australia follows a law that technology websites have the same responsibilities as publishers on their websites.

According to the decision, Google refused to admit that the videos contained defamation charges. Additionally, in defense, the company said the video’s editor had a right to an honest opinion.

Professor David Ralph said the company had been made aware of two defamation videos earlier, but after looking into the matter they all concluded on their own that the content was not defamatory. So they decided to leave these videos as they are.

Jordan Shanks, the content creator who posted the videos, cast ex-politician John Barilaro as corrupt without giving any valid evidence. Moreover, he called him by his name which attacked Barilaro’s Italian heritage. The lord of the law called it nothing but hate speech.

The lord of the law added that Google allowing the man to share the content again caused it to breach its policy which was intended to prevent famous people from being wrongfully targeted. It also forced the ex-politician out of his chosen public service and saddened him.

The judge also said the company could not escape liability for the extensive damage Shank’s videos caused.

Barilaro said he was happy with the decision. He told reporters he is now absolved and cleared of blame. He also said he did not file a case to receive the money, but was to get an apology and remove the content from YouTube. He must show his dejection towards Google by saying that a court had to force Google to remove the videos.