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Google Breaks Links To Old YouTube Videos, Will Drive Files Next Month

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An upcoming security update from Google could break dozens of links to YouTube videos and Google Drive files. Starting next month, Google is changing the way it handles link sharing of older content to improve security.


Four years ago, the video-sharing platform rolled out security enhancements that make it harder to find links to unlisted videos, which can be viewed and shared by anyone who has the link, but doesn’t. not appear in search results. YouTube is now reorganizing videos uploaded before January 1, 2017 and setting them to Private instead of Unlisted from July 23.

“If you have a video impacted by this change, we will notify you directly”, The YouTube team wrote in a blog post, alerting people that they must take one of the four steps within the next month. Active users can, of course, opt out of the change; simply fill out an online form ask to keep unlisted videos older than 2017 in their current state (without benefiting from Google’s security update). You can also make unlisted videos public or re-download clips as new unlisted content.

The last option, “do nothing”, ensures that the first unlisted videos will be set to “private” and that any links previously used to embed or share them will no longer work. Who, as pointed out by The Verge, could be problematic for content left on unused or inactive accounts.

“We understand this change can be difficult, so we’re giving you time to make adjustments to your videos before it goes into effect on July 23, 2021,” the blog said. “These videos are not new and therefore receive less traffic, which we hope will minimize disruption.… We encourage YouTube creators to review their old unlisted videos and choose the privacy setting that is right for them. “

Google drive

A similar security update affects some files in Google Drive “to make sharing links more secure”, according to an article on Google Workspace updates, which warned against new access requests for those who had not yet viewed the file.

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Workspace administrators, encouraged to choose how the security update is applied before July 23, can track which users, folders, shared drives, and files are affected within their organization. Assuming the company does not choose to opt out, end users who own or manage the affected files will receive an email starting July 26 and have until September 13 to determine how to implement the change.

Personal account holders can also expect to receive notification from Google Drive regarding their affected files and will have the same 19 days to comply.

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