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Gang of Youths release new version of “Spirit Boy” on Amazon Music – Deepest Sighs

Do you have an Amazon Music subscription? If so, you have access to a new live version of “Spirit Boy” available today but exclusive to Amazon Music.

The song is listed as “Spirit Boy (Orchestral Version (Amazon Original))” on Amazon Music Australia, but just as “Spirit Boy (Amazon Original)” on the main/US Amazon Music store and the Canadian Amazon Music store. If you have/use a different version of Amazon Music in your country, just search for the band name; “Spirit Boy” should appear as the band’s most recent release. If not, it could mean that the song is only for certain countries.

The live performance was recorded in early December in London with strings, brass and even a harpist. The band contributed a video version of the song to the Australia joins Red Cross call for floods telethon, which aired last Saturday (March 12) across Australia.

Rumor has it that “Spirit Boy” is just one song recorded during this December session. At this stage, we do not know if the rest of the performance will see the light of day. But as gorgeous as “Spirit Boy” looks, hopefully.