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Flo Milli and Amazon Music Team Up for Exclusive Collection –

Alabama artist Flo Milli has teamed up with Amazon Music for an exclusive collection featuring custom hoodies, t-shirts, shorts and sweatpants. HYPEBEAST reported that the “Not Friendly” rapper worked with fashion designer Katie McIntyre on her Modern Opulence collection, which was largely inspired by her song “Roaring 20s.”

“Flo, as an artist, definitely had an impact on me personally, and that translated into the vision I developed for her,” McIntyre shared with the fashion and streetwear platform. “I really wanted this collection to resemble her music and her energy: ultra feminine, decadent and avant-garde. Flo has an expressive style and a sense of classic opulence that was important to communicate. »

“I want my merchandising to tell fans that you can always overcome the obstacles that come your way,” Flo Milli added. “And I want them to always know that you can still be unique and comfortable while working or doing whatever you love.”

The collection is decorated with bold flowers, larger than life butterflies and art nouveau elements. A recurring graphic is a hand showing the middle finger, an ode to songs and lyrics by Flo Milli.

“She demands that she be paid what she deserves in stark contrast to traditional expectations of female submission,” McIntyre explained.

Singers Lucky Daye and Fousheé also released limited-edition merchandise with their own custom collections with the streaming platform.

Fousheé’s Time Machine collection was created with designer Cameron Galley and represents the harmonious dichotomies of his creative work.

“In his music and personal style, Fousheé often mixes contrasting elements that when put together work seamlessly,” Galley said. “Similarly, I wanted to capture a blend of its contemporary vibe with the nostalgia for the past that we both shared, and bring it together in a cohesive design collection.”

the time Machine The singer herself added, “Merch and the process of creating it is so important. You’re creating an item that can potentially outlast you.

Lucky Daye’s “I’m Lucky To Meet You” collection was created with rising designer Jordan Blair Aldridge. The garment features a bright color palette and nostalgic graphics and includes a bowling shirt, t-shirt, jacket and bottoms.

“When I started having conversations with Lucky about the collection, I knew I wanted to create something that represented her radiant energy,” Blair explained. “I imagined creating pieces that make people feel good and express their individuality.”

“When we decided to create The Showroom, we wanted to bring together artists and designers who had a similar approach, knowing that this collaboration would lead to unique collections,” said Kennedy Carter, senior creative program manager at Amazon Music. “We hope that when fans see the powerful aesthetic of Flo Milli on display, the Y2K-inspired designs for Fousheé, and the joyful nuances of Lucky’s collections, they’ll see how each piece of merch reflects the vibe of their favorite artists.”

Shop the collections here and the Amazon Music app, and take a look at the merchandise in “The Showroom” below.