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Explore Amazon Music’s Wild Prime Day Show Gift Box

Back in the day, one of the great benefits of being a music writer was the “free CDs and t-shirts” (t-shirts). In recent years, there have been other forms of loot – way beyond t-shirts and hoodies, we’ve got everything from booze and blankets to coasters and cakes.

And although last week George Harrison’s promotional dwarfs were a new high in unusually smart loot, aside from our free trip to Wyoming to hear Kanye West perform his new album for 300 media luminaries three years ago, the Amazon Music The Prime Day box that arrived today might take the cake… although it does contain moon pies and macaroons, not cake.

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Amazon Music and Prime Video take Prime Day seriously: Taylor Swift, SZA, Dua Lipa and Becky G performed at their last Prime Day concert in 2019, and since they couldn’t throw a similar party this year, they made up for it with three elaborate virtual performances by Billie Eilish, HER and Kid Cudi for their first Prime Day Show tonight (and airing on Prime Video for 30 days, with or without a subscription), and an almost equally elaborate gift box for lucky members of the media (note: they are NOT FOR SALE).

The direct mail was developed with creative agency Crown + Conquer with the Amazon Music and Prime Video teams to create a buzz ahead of the Prime Day Show, and was organized in partnership with the artists.

The mailer’s articles (mostly from small businesses and black-owned businesses) celebrated the themes of their episodes: space (Kid Cudi); the Dunbar Hotel (HER); and French cinema (Billie Eilish).

The courier includes:

a jacket with image patches from each of the artist’s episodes (from Family Industries);

a set of three Vice candles;

a bottle of Loft & Bear vodka;

moonpies (Sweet E’s Bakery)

maracons (The Duration)

and a reusable screen inserted into the cover played the trailer which apparently can be reused for video content.

Find out all about it in this unboxing video:

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