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Drug addict sets up meth lab in his office after watching YouTube videos in Gujarat: The Tribune India

Surah, November 13

Police on Friday arrested a man who allegedly set up a lab to manufacture the banned drug methamphetamine (methamphetamine) at his office in Sarthana district of Surat city, Gujarat, an official said.

The arrest came days after Surat police arrested a Pravin Bishnoi, from Jalore in Rajasthan, with 58g of methamphetamine worth Rs 5.58 lakh.

Investigations revealed that Bishnoi had come to Surat on November 9 to deliver the contraband to a Jaimin Savani in Sarthana, Surat Police Commissioner Ajay Tomar said.

“We caught Savani in his hometown of Bhavnagar district and brought him here. He confessed that he had become a drug addict and started selling narcotics to earn money. As he found the lucrative drug business, he decided to manufacture methamphetamine and had set up a mini-laboratory in his office,” the official said.

A police team raided Savani’s office at the Rajvir complex in Sarthana and seized glass tumblers, cooker and glass connectors, as well as some raw materials such as liquid methanol, it said. he declares.

Savani had claimed that he had learned some drug-making techniques from watching videos on YouTube and drug dealers in Rajasthan had also provided him with advice, the official said.

As the defendant had just started his laboratory experiments, he had not yet succeeded in manufacturing the contraband, Tomar said, adding that Savani had purchased the raw material online through an e-commerce platform. PTI