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Disney modeled the Mad Hatter from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ on American composer Ed Wynn

Some classics have a way of staying, and Disney’s animated movies Alice in Wonderland is no exception. It remains just as beloved today as it was when it was first released, something few movies can claim. Many characters had quirky personalities based on real individuals.

‘Alice in Wonderland’ remains just as charming today as when it first hit theaters

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Like many movies, Alice in Wonderland was based on books. One was Alice’s Adventures in Wonderlandand the other was on the other side of the mirror. The books, written by Lewis Carroll, were about a young girl named Alice who found herself on a strange adventure.

The Disney film stayed true to the source material and portrayed Alice as a dreamer who got lost in a fantastical place called Wonderland. The film was originally released in 1951 and was the thirteenth animated feature film produced by Disney.

Ed Wynn was the inspiration behind the Mad Hatter

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Ed Wynn impressed Disney animators so much they modeled the Mad Hatter after him, as reported msn. Wynn would also go on to voice the Mad Hatter. Many of the Mad Hatter’s hysterical and exaggerated facial expressions were just part of what Wynn was.

Wynn also played Uncle Albert in Mary Poppins, but acting was not his main passion. He was actually a composer who had a 65-year career at the Musical Hall.

In the book, the Mad Hatter was a rather unusual character who enjoyed hosting tea parties. It is suspected that he went mad mainly because of the felt hat he was wearing. During the period that Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderlandfelt hats were made from mercury.

Even though Carroll’s version was sweet, even though he was a little out there, he continued to inspire one of the best villains in comic book literature. The Mad Hatter From The Batman Comics Was Based Directly On Carroll’s Character, According To Fandom. This version lacked Wynn’s charm to level him, making him one of the scariest characters Batman faced.

Kathryn Beaumont inspired Alice

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Alice is not the typical female heroine. She’s not physically strong, doesn’t have a huge IQ, and has a tendency to go from one mishap to the next without worrying about the consequences. She is a dreamer who finds herself in a strange world even more unpredictable than her own imagination. Even so, she manages to win the hearts of everyone who meets her, except for the Red Queen of Hearts, of course.

When Disney decided to make an animated version of the book, they chose an English actress named Kathryn Beaumont as the inspiration for Alice. She was born in 1938, which made her only 13 years old when the film hit theaters.

The animators used a technique called rotoscoping to draw Beaumont. It’s basically drawing on every frame of film, creating the sequences we see on our screens. The final product appeared both beautiful and whimsical.

Like Wynn, Beaumont wasn’t just an inspiration to Alice. She also provided the character’s voice. Since then, Alice’s character has taken a darker turn in games such as American McGee’s Alice. Even so, this is the version of Beaumont that most people remember when they think of Alice.

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