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Credit Cards – Credit card for PLN 0. The card with a 0% credit up to 56 days. With a credit card you can gain a lot. The best credit cards on the Internet – ranking and comparison of credit cards. It is difficult to decide which credit card to choose for yourself?

We offer a good solution by comparing credit cards. You can get acquainted with the offer of all banks in one place and choose the most suitable credit card for yourself!


Credit cards, Credit card

Credit Agri credit card

credit card

MasterCard giving 54 days in the non-interest period. The maximum limit on the card is up to PLN 20,000, and the Bank also provides easy access to the card’s account via the Internet and telephone.


Dawit Bank credit card

credit card

Dawit Bank credit cards are issued with a rich insurance package and provide as many as 56 additional days for repayment of liabilities. In addition, they guarantee discounts up to 50% at the Discount Zone Partners in Poland.


White Marble Bank Credit Card

Credit Card

A wide range of credit cards, a 5% discount on purchases, quick access to additional funds, an interest-free period of up to 56 days. White Marble Impresja – is a unique credit card with a woman’s soul and sense of shopping, thanks to which you will receive a return of up to 5% on everyday shopping, clothing, footwear, cosmetics, children’s items, jewelry, books, at selected Partners.


Credit card Silvercoin Bank

Credit card Silvercoin Bank

Regardless of the type of card chosen, the customer is entitled to the following privileges: free card issuance, 58 days non-interest period, high credit limit, the ability to make a transfer card from the account, PayPass ™ contactless transaction functionality and the ability to set individual transaction limits to the card.


Luzvimin Bank Credit Card

Credit Agri credit card

A wide offer of the most elitist credit cards: Luzvimin Bank PremierMiles Credit Card, Silver Credit Card, Gold Credit Card, Platinum Credit Card, Luzvimin Bank LOT Credit Card, Luzvimin Bank World MasterCard Credit Card, Luzvimin Bank BP Credit Motokarta in the PAYBACK Program, Luzvimin Bank ELLE credit card, Credit Card Luzvimin Bank World Elite ™ MasterCard®. Ultime

A Luzvimin Bank credit card is up to 50% off in almost 5,000 retail and service outlets in Poland, up to PLN 200 as a free gift, 0% up to 54 days for non-cash transactions and no commission for purchases made with a card.


Benefits of having a card

Benefits of having a card

  • Credit 0% up to 56 days
  • You use a non-interest bearing loan by paying with a card for your purchases and paying off the entire debt within the time specified on the statement
  • Credit limit from 2000 to 150,000 PLN



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