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Charlie Puth REACTS to his old YouTube videos after they resurfaced on TikTok; says they are “hard to watch”

Charlie puth He might be a world famous singer now, but he started out humbly as a fun YouTube creator with lots of videos on random topics. In this age of the internet, nothing really moves away from the face of the earth, and that’s exactly the case with Charlie’s. old videos that have resurfaced on social media apps for fans to enjoy and have a good laugh.

Recently one of his videos where he sings on his glasses resurfaced and it gets funnier when fans find him reacting to the video once again as a successful 29-year-old singer. Taking things lightly, Charlie has been outspoken about his previous “comedy” videos on YouTube, which he says are “hard to watch”.

The singer took to his official Tiktok account, via Entertainment Weekly, to formulate a response for being rediscovered on the app due to his past videos. “I have waited for that day to come. I have lasted five years without anyone knowing it,” he said in a response to TikTok. “Before I was a signed artist, I was doing comedy songs on YouTube, and, bro, they’re so hard to watch. We tried so hard at first when I first signed to hide all of these videos, but, TikTok, ”he said, adding that if his fans want to“ have a good laugh, ”they can just type in his name and“ old videos ”to enjoy the comedy.

In one of Puth’s previous YouTube videos, titled “Sexy Shades,” the We Don’t Talk singer Anymore can be seen having fun, while getting very sentimental about his sunglasses. A much younger Puth also created other videos, including “The Pickle Song” and an ode to his “Red Hyundai”.

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