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‘Blue Line’ suspect, Toms River NJ man arrested for YouTube videos

TOMS RIVER – Township man accused of paint a pro-police “thin blue line” center of Hooper Avenue – and theft of paint for unauthorized labor – faces new charges over YouTube videos it allegedly posted threatening to put Toms River Town Hall and Ocean County Justice Complex “upside down,” authorities said.

David Giordano, 36, of Toms River, was charged with making terrorist threats and a false public alert over the videos, which included footage of a 2004 incident in which a man used a homemade armored bulldozer to demolish public buildings in Colorado, Ocean County Attorney Bradley D. Billhimer said in a press release.

A task force from the Ocean County Engineering Department paints the centerlines of Hooper Avenue in downtown Toms River.  An unknown person painted a blue line in the middle of the road over the weekend.  It was recently announced that a blue line would be painted at this particular location to support law enforcement.  Toms River, NJ Tuesday March 30, 2021

The charges are generally third degree offenses, but have been elevated to the second degree because they occurred during the coronavirus state of emergency, Billhimer said.

Three videos appeared online on April 12 on a public YouTube channel titled “TOMS RIVER POLICE are the best”. One video includes television coverage of Giordano’s arrest on the “thin blue line” and text that reads “I stand up for the importance of blue lives” because “good cops don’t deserve the backlash of bad cops”.

The video shows footage of blue lines that have been painted across the country in support of law enforcement and notes that the person who posted the video has been arrested 38 times, including 36 by “professional and exceptional” officers. . But the video accuses the police of aggression during one of the arrests.

The Asbury Park Press could not verify the claims in the video. Court records show Giordano has a long criminal history, and Toms River Police said he had a complete record of encounters with officers.

The video then shows footage of the Toms River Municipal Building and Ocean County Court Complex as text appears on screen that read, “I’m going to turn Town Hall upside down.” The images later make a layman’s reference to the township mayor, Mo Hill.

The video then switches to several minutes of footage detailing a 2004 rampage by a man in the small town of Granby, Colo., Who, angered by land disputes with neighbors and the township, destroyed several public buildings for help. of a homemade armored bulldozer.

Text appears on screen stating that the creator of the Toms River video tried to buy an armored vehicle and the family members are alarmed. The video ends with a call to television therapist Dr. Phil McGraw, popularly known as “Dr. Phil”, to intervene.

The police did it instead.

The High Tech Crime Unit of the Ocean County District Attorney’s Office determined that Giordano produced and posted the videos to YouTube, Billhimer said. The videos include footage of Giordano.

David Giordano, 36, was charged with terrorist threats and false public alarm on May 3, 2021.

The new charges are the latest twist in a bizarre story that began when, when Ocean County officials were in discussions about painting an official thin blue line in front of the County Administrative Building and Justice Complex on Hooper Avenue, a an unauthorized blue line appeared in the same place between the double yellow lines at the beginning of March 30.

Giordano was debited the next day in connection with this incident as well as the theft of his impounded bucket truck, which police claimed to have stolen from the property of a towing company and then parked in the Mayor’s Space at City Hall of Toms River.

He was too later accused of stealing 11 cans of blue paint of a Home Depot used to paint the line on Hooper Avenue

Investigators on Monday raided two homes – one in Toms River and one in Berkeley – where Giordano is known to live and seized “several items containing digital evidence,” according to the press release.

Toms River police stopped Giordano’s car, and he was arrested and taken into custody, authorities said.

Giordano was taken to the Ocean County Jail to await a detention hearing.

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