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Amazon Music’s New Spotlight Feature Lets Artists Connect Directly with Fans

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Amazon announced many new features and tools for its smart assistant at its third annual Alexa Live developer conference.

With over 130,000 skills, Amazon Alexa helps make homes smarter and safer, connect with loved ones, and stay informed and entertained at home and on the go. Today, Alexa is integrated into hundreds of products such as PCs, portable devices, smart home devices, and cars. Amazon’s annual Alexa Live conference announces all new developer features and tools to help drive discovery, growth and engagement. While the full blog post lists over 50 new features, we take a look at two of the most exciting Entertaining and immersive experiences.


Amazon Music’s new Spotlight feature allows artists to connect directly with fans by uploading a recorded message or creating one in the Amazon Music for Artists mobile app. The message can promote new music or highlight the creative process. The tones and me, and Little Simz are the first two artists to record personalized Spotlight messages. You can hear them in the Amazon Music app from the artist profile pages or by asking Alexa “Alexa, play the Tones and I Spotlight”.

DJ song request

Millions of people use Alexa-enabled devices every day to listen to music, radio, and podcasts. DJ Song Request allows radio listeners to request and dedicate songs to radio DJs through Alexa. Soon you can just ask Alexa to request a song on a station and who to dedicate it to. You can request the Developer Preview of the Song Request Skill Component today here.

Watch the video below highlighting the new DJ Song Request feature from iHeartRadio Product Manager Chris Williams and Spotlight from Amazon Music VP Steve Boom.

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