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Amazon Music’s New Chapter of “Mi Historia” LAT! N to feature Nicky Jam

The new episode of the series from Amazon Music giant LAT! N Mi Historia will be released this Wednesday and this time will tell the story of the life of the Puerto Rican singer and actor Nicky Jam. In this chapter, the artist recounts in detail his beginnings in the music industry and how he worked with his colleague and compatriot Daddy Yankee. The chapter has a very special meaning for Nicky Jam because it shows the mistakes that made him grow up and allowed him to become the person and the artist he is today.

Amazon Music LAT! N informed by a press release that the chapter will show the sacrifices behind his greatest successes, the mistakes made along the way that caused the downfall of his career, and most importantly, how he got back on stage. “The past marks your present, the fundamentals come from where you live,” says the urban artist.

“When I moved to Puerto Rico one day at the community center there was a ‘party’ and I started singing, people went crazy and it was like love at first sight. making my album without any idea. Then Daddy Yankee signed me as an artist and there was a time when the genre was censored in Puerto Rico. ”

In the series, the singer tells about his time with Los Cangris alongside Daddy Yankee, a label from which many hits have come out. “I moved away, a few years, because of the vices and problems of the street. Until the day I was called to Colombia for an event with several colleagues, there were a lot of people at the hotel and when i went to the event i realized that people were there, supporting me. i decided to stay and i did 5 songs which were number 1 in colombia then more than 20 songs in the world “, se remembers the singer.

Nicky Jam says with illusion that showing these difficult and difficult moments in his career is a way to honor his legacy.

“These mistakes that this 20-year-old made, made this 40-year-old man. Thanks to this rebellious kid, there is a legacy, there is a message to the world, and it was sacrifice and it is my testimony and I would do it again, ”he explains.

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