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Amazon Music will overtake Pandora as the #2 US music streamer this year – TechCrunch

According to estimates by Insider Intelligence (formerly eMarketer), Amazon Music will overtake Pandora this year to become the music broadcaster with the second-largest number of users in the United States. Notably, this study includes users on both paid and ad-supported plans for these services. – thus, while Apple Music has approximately 38.2 million subscribers, compared to 52.6 million for Amazon Music or 49.1 million for Pandora, none of Apple’s subscribers benefit from a free plan financed by the advertising (although they may, of course, have a free trial).

Amazon Music is forecast to grow 5.3% year-over-year, while Pandora continues to lose users since 2017 – the SiriusXM-owned streamer’s user base is expected to decline 6.7% in 2022. A Pandora representative declined to comment on the new report, but said Pandora is the leading ad-supported audio streaming service in the United States. According to its most recent report, Pandora currently has 52.3 million users, up from 58.9 million the previous year.

And when it comes to paid subscribers, Pandora is far behind its competitors, according to Insider Intelligence estimates last year.

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Spotify remains by far the number one music broadcaster in the United States, with 180 million premium subscribers worldwide and 406 million monthly active users on paid and free plans. According to Spotify’s own reports, there are approximately 93.38 million active users in North America, including 28.8 million paid subscribers. Since Spotify’s numbers don’t reduce the number of subscribers by country, it’s difficult to directly compare Pandora’s audience size with Spotify’s audience, but Pandora’s market share continued to decline. . Pandora still made a gross profit of $743 million last year, up 30% from 2020.

As Amazon Music continues to grow, the product itself has seen noticeable improvements. Both Amazon Music and Apple Music last year unveiled lossless audio streaming for all subscribers, a feature Spotify doesn’t yet have, and it can’t explain the delay. Amazon has also tried to ramp up its podcast offerings, adding synced transcripts to select podcasts. But Spotify’s podcast audience continues to grow rapidly, despite the platform’s controversial content decisions. With podcast industry acquisitions left and right, it’s clear that Spotify doesn’t want to loosen its grip on the streaming industry.