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Amazon Music unveils the trailer for “For Love & Country”

Amazon Music has created a feature documentary about the black American origins of country music. The streaming service has released the official trailer for the film, titled For love and countrypremiere April 7.

This new documentary proclaims that much of country music owes its creation and innovation to black artists.

Filmmaker and photographer Joshua Kissi will direct For love and country, explore the black musician’s early contributions to country music.

“What I realized is that country music as a genre is just as complex as this country itself,” Joshua Kissi said in a statement. “Now is the time to stand up for the voices that have always mattered through time, especially the musicians who didn’t get credit when it was due.”

For love and country will also dive deep into the country’s long history and how many prominent black artists have achieved little recognition for advancing the genre.

He will also determine between truth and myth when it comes to the genre, the industry that supports it, and the city of Nashville, where he lives.

The film will feature interviews as well as performances from some of country music’s best and brightest, including Grammy nominees like Jimmie Allen, Blanco Brown, Valerie June, Amythyst Kiah and Mickey Guyton.

Photo: Amazon
The trailer for season 2 of
Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Valerie June appears in Amazon Music’s documentary, “For Love & Country.” Photo credited to Joshua Kissi.

“I’ve always believed in the old saying, ‘if you can see it, you can be it,'” Guyton said in a statement. “However, it’s no secret that there has been a lack of representation of black artists in mainstream country music for years.”

“That’s why I hope little black girls growing up now can see us, artists like Brittney, Reyna, Amythyst, Allison, Valerie, Frankie and me, and know they have a place here in country music. . We all do.”

Along with the trailer, Amazon Music released an Amazon Original acoustic version of Kiah’s song, “Black Myself.” The recording took place during the filming of the documentary and is exclusive to Amazon Music listeners.

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