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Amazon Music Unveils Gen Mex: A Mexican Music Initiative (EXCLUSIVE)

Amazon Music has officially launched its Gen Mex initiative to spotlight the evolving style and renewed popularity of the growing Mexican regional genre as it begins to reach global audiences.

The Regional Mexican category has always been used as a catch-all term that covers banda, grupero, norteño and other folk formats – but as more artists begin to experiment with Mexican music in new ways, the market has grown exponentially.

“Música Mexicana has its own categories not only in the Latin Grammys but also in the mainstream Grammys, an entire radio industry built around it and is rapidly overtaking reggaetón as the most streamed genre of music in Spanish”, Rocio Guerrero, global head of Latin at Amazon Music, says Variety.

“At Amazon Music, listening to música Mexicana grew 140% year-over-year… This revolution is unstoppable and it will continue to reach new heights.”

What Gen Mex aims to do is provide a hub for the vibrant genre while “trying to find the right ways to honor its [tradition]but forward-looking and a catalyst for its reinvention.

As part of this catapult into the limelight, Gen Mex promises to include new Mexican music programming and editorial content in the form of Amazon Originals. The first is a collaboration with Christian Nodal who stars in a short but cinematic intro video for Gen Mex. Nodal pays a sincere and proud tribute to Mexico, encapsulating the essence of the music and the artists.

“This one goes to my heroes, those who taught me to feel,” he begins. The video was also released with an Amazon Original song titled “Que Tal” written and performed by Nodal for Amazon Music. See the full video below.

Other Amazon Original contributors include Rancho Humilde CEO Jimmy Humilde for the “Las Que Rifan Para…” playlist where he shares his favorite songs. Gen Mex will also receive their own Amazon Original EP from Grupo Firme, which features four never-before-seen audio and video versions of their greatest hits as well as the recently released Harry Styles-inspired “Sabes A Tequila.”

This new initiative also makes room for what regional music has traditionally lacked: Mexican regional female artists. The platform will feature its “Las Amazonas” playlist aimed at raising the voices of gender-redefining women.

Four female artists will cover traditional classics through an Amazon Original that will show how this new generation of artists are redefining Mexican music. Itzel Vida will cover “Nieves De Enero” by Chalino Sánchez, Janely Rosa will cover “La Chacalosa” by Jenni Rivera, Michelle Bi will cover “Amorfoda” by Bad Bunny and Lluvia Arámbula will sing “El Rey de Corazones” by Ariel Camacho.

The platform will also integrate videos, live streams and over 50 playlists featuring a mix of traditional artists and newcomers. The first addition being regional rising stars, Yahritza Y Su Esencia, who will be featured on the platform’s Rompe program (created to support and accelerate the careers of emerging artists in the United States, Latin America and Spain).

Mexican music has increasingly blended with other genres and artists from around the world, resulting in chart-topping and genre-transcending collaborations.

Take for example Snoop Dogg and Banda MS’ 2020 release “Qué Maldición”, which pleasantly surprised listeners and stormed the Latin charts. Before that, Bad Bunny tapped tumbado bullfight pioneer Natanael Cano for “El Diablo (Remix)” in 2019, which helped popularize the style which blends traditional corrido elements with added hip-hop sensibility.

Most recently, Eslabon Armado’s “Nostalgia” became the first regional Mexican album to reach the top 10 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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