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Amazon Music Unlimited price increases by $1 to $9 for Prime members

The price of an Amazon Music Unlimited plan is dropping from $8 to $9 for Prime members, Amazon has confirmed. It also raises the price of a “Single Device” subscription from $4 to $5, because spotted by consumer reports journalist Nicholas De Leon. Non-Prime members will continue to pay $10 per month and the family plan will still cost $15 per month for Prime members only.

The news means that Prime subscribers hardly get any kind of deal on Amazon Music Unlimited, while Prime Video is still included in the plan for free. Pricing is still a bit cheaper for Prime members than you’d pay for Apple Music ($10 per month) or Spotify ($10 per month). Amazon also offers Music Prime for free to Prime members, but you’re limited to 2 million songs and can only play on one device at a time.

Amazon Music Unlimited is obviously best if you’re a Prime subscriber and have an Echo or other Alexa device, though it works on tablets, smartphones, TVs, Amazon Fire devices, PCs, and more. However, the user interface is generally considered inferior to that of Apple Music or Spotify, lacking things like biographies in artist profiles. Some of the benefits include downloads for offline listening and HD streaming, Dolby Atmos and Sony 360RA at no extra cost.