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Amazon Music subscribers get six months of free Disney +, but there’s a catch

Amazon has announced a new promotion with Disney that will reward some of its Amazon Music users with up to six months of free access to Disney +. As you might expect, there are some limits to what is otherwise a great promotion, the most important of which is that you need to subscribe to the company’s Amazon Music Unlimited plan to get the benefit.

The new promotion is available to subscribers in the United States and Canada. However, the number of free months you receive as part of the promotion depends on your existing or new subscription. Amazon says people who haven’t yet subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited will get six months free of Disney +, at the regular price of $ 7.99 / month for the standalone service.

Existing Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers are not left out, but their share of the promotion is less: Amazon offers three months free of Disney +. The promotion went live today and can be used by subscribers by visiting the promotion site Amazon redemption page.

Likewise, you will not be able to take advantage of this promotion if you already have a Disney + subscription. Amazon Music Unlimited refers to Amazon’s premium subscription option priced at $ 7.99 / month or $ 79 / year (unless you are not a Prime member, in which case it costs $ 9.99 /month). The plan should not be confused with the standard Amazon Music option.

The premium subscription provides access to the platform’s full music library, which the company says contains 60 million songs. The plan is ad-free and allows users to stream content to their Alexa-enabled speakers, among others. There is also support for downloading music and listening offline.

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